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  1. Could you post a save game from before this happens to the FTP and post here; https://community.sigames.com/topic/381376-scotland-official-league-specific-issues/ please. Did this just suddenly happen? Are you using any edit files?
  2. The transfer fee is 2m euros which will be added to the cap hit. See my post of Feb 2nd above ^. The second guy you're buying for 95k so the cap impact is considerably smaller.
  3. We've fixed as many of the files we've been passed from Users, especially those which have crashes, as possible. This is outlined in the change notes.
  4. I wish I could add a save where I was under the cap but I have no auto saves from that point so there is no way of me being able to do that.  

    1. Ute1972


      I think what brought me there was signing players when I had some injuries and I needed to fill some roster spots. 

  5. You shouldn't have been able to go over the cap without sufficient General Allocation Money. Could you add a save where you're under the cap and then let us know how you got over it here please;
  6. There's a slider on Player > Contract Info that can be used to lower a player's cap impact
  7. There's an option in thew Boardroom under Overview to buy an extra slot available at all times.
  8. This sort of thing needs to be posted in the bugs forum for us to assist with please. We can continue the discussion here; Can you let us know if you started the game before the first patch? If so, unfortunately this was a known issue that was fixed on new games started after the patch. If you started after please attach your save game in that thread for us to look at.
  9. GAM and TAM are two separate entities - I can assure you they have no common use in game. The large transfer fee is indeed factored in to the cap impact which explains the high amount. Explaining this more clearly is something we can look to improve upon
  10. Could you tell me how to stop retraining a player position please

  11. Is this error specific to an edit you have made or do you see it on every file you try?
  12. There was an error with the editor update which meant it was still on version 17.1.1. There has been another update now so you need to get the update to take it to 17.2. This can be confirmed in File > About
  13. You don't use it on the overall cap in FM17, you have to use it on individual players. You can adjust a player's cap impact on their Contract Info page with a slider.
  14. Could you explain this a little more please. What is it that the current mass editing options don't currently allow you to do that you would like added? We allow mass select of all items that can then be edited, including the types you've listed above currently
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