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  1. We've fixed as many of the files we've been passed from Users, especially those which have crashes, as possible. This is outlined in the change notes.
  2. I wish I could add a save where I was under the cap but I have no auto saves from that point so there is no way of me being able to do that.  

    1. Ute1972


      I think what brought me there was signing players when I had some injuries and I needed to fill some roster spots. 

  3. Could you tell me how to stop retraining a player position please

  4. Could you explain this a little more please. What is it that the current mass editing options don't currently allow you to do that you would like added? We allow mass select of all items that can then be edited, including the types you've listed above currently
  5. Max did you see my saves I've uploaded to FTP?

  6. The Steam people aren't answering anyone regarding the in game editor issue so the SI forums are the place to seek assistance. I don't understand your reluctance to try and help.

    1. Max Clayton-Robb

      Max Clayton-Robb

      We are not at all reluctant to help, but you've been directed to the forum with the relevant expertise. 

    2. cedrikism


      Are you putting in any effort to get in contact with the Steam people seeing as though they are invisible to us civilians? Being that it is your product and your brand that is seemingly being effected by an outside party I would expect that you'd be pretty keen to get on top of this and not just sit there and essentially shrug shoulders.

    3. seandavies88


      I've got the same issue, any news?

  7. You'll see a lot of the suggestions from this thread in the Editor this year. Keep them coming and see for yourself how much your input is valued by experimenting with the FM17 editor. Thanks all!
  8. We're still looking through all of this and logging anything as appropriate. Thanks
  9. If you have encountered an issue with the Editor loading up incorrectly, please see here; http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/421084-*If-your-Editor-is-loading-with-a-plain-black-screen*
  10. Are you running any custom skins in the game by any chance? If so, could you remove them, verify the cache and try again please/
  11. Can you try this https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/201580562-How-to-Do#delete-cache if you haven't please.
  12. Can you try verifying the game cache of the Editor. If not that, just a regular cache clearance. Also, did you update the main game completely before attempting to launch the Editor?
  13. There were a few little bugs which inhibited the AI from making maximum use of the cap. You should see bigger squad sizes and some higher quality players. There was also a little bug in calculating the cap hit of some players which will also benefit the User.
  14. Once again; this thread is regularly read. Your ideas are appreciated and always considered for further discussion.
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