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  1. Not yet, thanks for the heads-up! I will try it now and report back. Edit: unfortunately it still doesn't seem to work. Edit2: could anyone do me a huge favor and create a save game for me with all of the leagues from these files here loaded and additionally all of the remaining countries from this megapack? You would be the hero of my FM19-summer and I would be eternally grateful!
  2. Does anyone mind uploading the last Mac-compatible file? Would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Do these leagues work at the same time with claasens leagues loaded?
  4. Fantastic post and thank you for the in-depth match analysis - very interesting.
  5. Could you possibly upload your save? I'm really interested in playing it! Cheers
  6. I think that those reviews as the ones on Steam are very much dependent on personal expectations. Dozens of indie-beta games on Steam get ratings of 80% and more although they are barely playable, while an in my opinion good (surely not perfect) beta version of FM15 gets a - fairly - low rating. - Why? Because people expect every new FM to be the best and most revolutionary FM of all time - which isn't realistically achievable. Compared to most other games available - especially simulation games - EVERY FM is concerning its content and the quality of the latter extremely well made, which in my opinion is the main reason why both 'professional' reviewers and gamers on Steam rate FM15 fairly badly - the general standard is just too high to revolutionize the game every time a new version comes out.
  7. 19 and 3. So fairly new to FM compared to many others around...
  8. This looks great already! Any plans to release?
  9. Any idea whether it's available for free for Mac as well?
  10. Looks good. Did you insert your players data manually or is there any possibility to insert data directly from FM?
  11. This looks absolutely stunning! I hope someone is capable of creating this.
  12. The Unarchiver. Can be found for free in the App Store.
  13. I'm not Psycrow, but it's the Morpheas skin. Not sure whether I'm allowed to link it, have a search at google for it.
  14. Amazing. That's exactly what I plan to do as well. What leagues did you load up for your Gibraltar save?
  15. I can only rate FM14 as its my first FM. Story - 1 Gameplay - 2 Graphic - 4 Overall - 2 1. Because its the by far best researched and most detailed football simulation available. And yes, definately. 2. Football Manager 2014 3. I don't regard FM as a sports game, but more as a management simulation that 'acts' in sports business 4. Analytical thinking and management; an never-ending challenge; countless possibilities on how to play the game.
  16. Unfortunately, I doubt that. It's the DFL that owns the rights for the Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga and the DFB for the 3.Liga and it will take at least until FM2016 to re-distribute them and reach a deal with SI. I think FM2015 is far too early.
  17. The pace of the game. Once tactics and squad are set-up, everything works much quicker than in 'normal' FM. Tactics. The lack of tactical familiarity makes if far easier to adapt your tactics to your opponent and allows you to experiment a bit without losing familiarity of other tactics that might already be fluent. I know I'm the first one in this thread saying this, but for me its definately the skin that prevents me from playing FMC more often. Personally, I think the FMC skin looks more like a childrens arcade game than a serious management simulation. I would love to have the opportunity to choose between the FM skin and the FMC skin when playing FMC.
  18. It's exactly what the people above said. Everytime a new FM comes out, I struggle settling into a new save. But once I create that (even if fictional) connection between myself and the club, I really start to enjoy and saves. I notice fairly quickly whether a save is going to work out for me or not, often already in the first three weeks of pre-season (before any official matches have been played). Something else that helps me settling in is to read stories / career updates from people, who had success with their clubs. It helps me to get some advice on transfers and tactics, and acts as a guide I can use to start-up the save and abandon as soon as I settled in and created my own 'little story' around my save.
  19. Not necessarily. I noticed that when I got battered, the keeper often was the best-rated player from my team.
  20. In my save (2020), the following teams have a tycoon: - Watford - Birmingham - Atletico Madrid (withdrawn funding) - Aberdeen - Krasnodar
  21. I would love to use the standard FM skin for FMC. I'm just not a fan of the colourful FMC skin.
  22. This. I think jpcote09's thread is a good example for how much "experts" value commitment from relative 'newcomers' to the forums.
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