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  1. On 19/02/2019 at 00:21, steff13 said:

    HR Tunisia

    Bienvenue Shaka (13211580) and Shaka Bienvenu (13217978) are duplicated. delete second one please

    I would question why he has been given a fixed PA already, and one that is only 10 points away from his CA. Not much such a young player can improve? 

  2. Hi Nørbæk!

    Once again, great work on the DB. Just some notes about Brøndbys youth teams:

    Peter Bjur: I know he played winger for B93, but since he transferred, he has played CM or AMC in brøndbys wingerless formation for the under 19's, so I believe his position rating in those positions should be increased.

    Lucas Steen: Has transferred to FC Roskilde: https://3point.dk/lucas-rejnhold-steen-lige-nu-nyder-jeg-bare-at-spille-fodbold/

    Frederik Nørrestrand: For the last year or so, his main position has been as a 6, so I think he shoud be increased in that position.

    Kasper Jørgensen: Since his transfer this summer he has played RB, so he should be increased in that position I think. 

    Roni Arabaci: He is playin ST in the system, so I think that position should be increased

  3. Hi Rob,

    Have you seen the info on different Ajax CT player on the Ajax CT facebook page? For instance:

    ¦¦ 🔴 20 Years of Passion - #KnowYourPlayer

    We taking time out to better know our ABC Motsepe team players.

    Featuring Azola Aizo Ntsabo

    Name : Azola Ntsabo 
    D. O. B : 25 February, 1999
    Age : 19
    Nationality : South African 🇿🇦
    Hometown : Khayelitsha
    Position : Left back
    Height : 1,78m 
    SA Caps : U20
    Junior Club : Mighty United 
    Current Club : Ajax Cape Town 
    ABC Debut : 2016 vs Zizwe
    Fav. SA Player : Mosa Lebusa 🇿🇦 (RSA) 
    Fav. Int Player : Marcelo 🇧🇷 (BRA) 
    Local Team : Ajax Cape Town 🇿🇦 RSA) 
    European team : Barcelona 🇪🇸 (SPA) 
    Inter. Team : Germany 🇩🇪 (GER)

    The posts can be foud here:



  4. I have a strange problem with some files downloaded through the steam workshop. For instance, I have downloaded a South African DB. When i open the editor, i cannot load the file as i cannot se it in the editor. Other files simply dont download when i add the in steam workshop. Any suggestions? Is it a bug?

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