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  1. mostly, that THE PLAYER FEELS LACK OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES WONT MEET HIS CONTRACT DEMANDS. But usually those players were filtered out. Should I hire diff assistant or that wont solve my problem.
  2. they don't want to join me, cause I play 1st slovenian league (low money, low reputation). But in the previous versions of FM, they were filltered out by assistant.
  3. so if I get myself better assistant, there will be no such problem? Because atm, almost everyone in my list is unwilling to join me.
  4. Hey guys, When I already filter out "unrealistic transfers", I still have plaers in the list, who doesn't want to sign with me. Am I the only one? Or is there something else I could do? Ty
  5. Sure, there you go. BTW I gave to my whole team a bit more creativity freedom, works very well for me.
  6. Well, you have a very strong team to start with. I play in Belarusian league and my defenders make tons of mistakes...
  7. Hi all! I just started to play FM 08 again. (I've been playing fm07, because I liked it more.) I have to say that this a amazing tactic. There is a TIP for people who conceed goals on a counter att. I repositioned my AMC to SW (sweeper) and changed his attributes a bit (so he plays more defensive). It has done wonders for me. Since than myopponents almost don't get a chance to shoot on goal. BTW. thnx kimz for your contribution //regards
  8. I curently don't have a high and strong in headers attacker, so I changed target man supply to feet and it works great. So that can be a solution if you don't have target man like jan koller
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