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  1. After I played out a season, or so, with LAFC, they magically granted me LAFC II, essentially a reserve team. Prior to that, I had to arrange first team friendly matches and play the kids in them. Hint: You can save your lineups so you can swap players rapidly. Note: I'd love to have the ability for my assistant manager automatically arrange a weekly friendly (hopefully avoiding first team matches) to keep up fitness. Also note: FM Touch isn't the full version: there is no reason every team in the game could not have (at least) a reserve team, in a reserve league, automatically, just to make this easier. I understand the full versions is supposed to be close to reality - but FM Touch should give you some kind of basic tools to run your team and the reserve team, I think, would be such a tool.
  2. Increase the reputation of the team by winning things. I have a question: I've played out a few seasons and my club has loads of money. Right now, our weekly salary budget is over $1 million, but I cannot give offers of any more than what I began with, about $20k/week. Meaning: even with a large squad, most of whom are right at the maximum salary I can offer, I'm spending around 1/3 of my wage budget. I can, however, loan in players and instead of wages, pay a monthly fee of virtually limitless size (I assume this comes from my transfer budget, which I also cannot spend for similar reasons). My question is: is my inability to offer large contracts hard coded into MLS, or my team (LAFC) in FM Touch? If not, if I save enough cash, will I be able to offer larger contracts? There does not seem to be any board request I can make along these lines. Is it a bug? How can I help fix it? For the record, I've been with the club 3 years.
  3. 1. When attacking corners, I want the option to hold back at least one guy more than the team defending is leaving on the half-way line. Meaning, if the opponent has 3 men on the half-way line, I want to hold back 4 men to mark them. Also, I have a bunch of guys set to "man mark" various opponents. If all opponents are man-marked, I want options. The left-over guy can: double someone, look for someone outside the area to man-mark, zonally mark an area, stand on a post, etc. 2. When defending corners, if I have a guy at the edge of the area, I want an option to have him look around and potentially man-mark any guy the opponent has at the edge of the area. 3. If a penalty is awarded, I would like the option to replay the infraction which lead to the penalty. 4. In FM Touch, we have one fully familiar tactic. I would like the possibility to generate a couple simple options around this we can switch to. An "attacking" tactic, a default tactic, and a "defending" (time wasting?) tactic, which perhaps can only be variations around the base tactic, but with which my team will be familiar. 5. Any games not controlled by me (such as reserve squad matches, instant results) I'd like the option to prioritize minimizing injuries. Sometimes I see guys recovering from injury, but not returned to training, played - I at least want the option to stop that, and not have to, say, manually move a guy from the reserves to the first team just to ensure he isn't called up to play in a reserve squad match before he's ready. 6. (Minor) I'd like to pan to the fans after a goal or big event. I'd like my players to run to my own fans, generally, instead of just to a corner of the field. 7. I'd like to move resources (essentially a relatively small, descresional budget) between: extra medical staff, scouting and training. This may require a board request, or it may be the manager has a budget to do this, but the size of that budget is subject to club finanaces, and so when we get more money, I can request some extra descressional funds (let's say, so I can hire extra medical staff: my players are old, or extra traning since most of my players are young, or extra scouting since my players are not good enough). All areas would exist, and generally be about the same size, but I'm talking about the last 10% of the staff budget.
  4. Specifically, when a defender passes toward his goalkeeper, but my striker intercepts and scores, it sometimes (in the commentary, not in the stats) credits one of my players (perhaps at random, perhaps the last of my players to touch the ball?) with the assist. This is minor. However, I don't recall it in prior versions of the game.
  5. Great game. I've playing 558 hours of this version and unlocked 47% of the achievements. Minor comments: 1. I control-click all my players to see their names. I spend a fair amount of time doing this. It would be nice to have a better interface. Ideally, just an option under preferences to have all player names on. If not, perhaps not remove all the names if i slightly miss one player. If I'm control-clicking, and I don't hit a player, it is unlikely I am trying to clear all player names. 2. The camera options seem a bit more limited in Touch. The low behind the goal view for replaying goals is awesome in the full game. I cannot seem to find this option in touch. 3. I'd like to check with the linesman just after a goal to see if it is off sides, preferably without having to change the field view. 4. One of the joys of FM is the long saves, sometimes at the same club. It would be nice to rotate the away jerseys a bit, perhaps just to older versions already in older versions of the game. 5. I really like having a small staff. This is one of the reasons I am playing FM Touch this version. The only real regret I have is being unable to find a job as a player/coach or something for a long serving player to develop his coaching attributes. Then develop him into an assistant manager. 6. Can we have the option for reserves managers to create friendlies when no game is regularly scheduled? I played in Mexico and my "premier" team was not in a league, so I created one friendly per week for them to play. Also, the absolute priority for these is to not conflict with the main team's games. 7. Totally minor "bug". While managing Flamenco and Brasil, I was offered to manager the Brasil U-23 for the Olympics. I accepted, but was not granted, the ability to control the Olympic team. Not sure if this was just due to me already controlling a club and nation (two sides). 8. Regen player "areas". If you look at virtually all experienced players, they play many positions. My regens seem to play very few. I suggest that virtually all of them get at least a "cluster" of three somewhat familiar positions. We get so few regens in FM Touch, that some flexibility would really help.
  6. Just had the second game as Brazil manager (friendly) and it was simultaneous with my club match - went off without a hitch. Both games played out successfully. That said, I did have a crash earlier in the day. My game just crashes from time-to-time, but upon reload, it plays flawlessly. That was the only time when, upon reload, the crash persisted at the exact same spot time after time.
  7. Instant Result for both games works. Brazil won. My Flamenco team drew, but we're so far ahead in the league it is no problem. I could watch the highlights of the Brazil game after the fact without a crash (did not check Flamenco game - probably fine). Could the crashing be due to both games occurring at the same time? I guess it is rare to have a club and international game on the same day, and perhaps not so often at the same time, too.
  8. Well, it is uploaded. File name is Brazil_Fla_2022_crashes.fmt. The directory is: fm/game-save. With this year's FM, I'm still getting some (very rare) random crashes - but if I reload I play straight through those events without additional crashes. This one is different in that it crashes at exactly the same moment every time. I'm going to try playing it out with the graphics turned all the way down. Thanks so much for your time investigating this.
  9. Been playing FM Touch for ~ 5 seasons of club management. Hired as Brazil manager, in addition to managing Flamenco, where I had been winning loads of trophies over a couple seasons. The first international match I get is the "superclassico" with Argentina. No one apparently told the Brazilian league, so we play on the same day. I get past both "submit team" buttons (I think Brazil first, then Flamenco) and the Brazil game begins to load, to the point where it is going to actually begin play (image of the playing field in the background) and *crash*. Every time. I have the game saved the day before, and I've tried a few things (clearing the cache, using the instant result button for the Flamenco game) nothing works. I am tempted to "holiday" one day to see if that gets past this conflict, but if there is anything else I can try, I would love to hear it.
  10. Just started playing some FM Touch. I like it. Like many others, I would like: 1. The option to control tutoring of players. and I would also like: 2. Save default Opposition Instructions (say, by position). 3. Also, I think there could be a Staff Emphasis option to switch club resources between areas, such as: Scouting, Training (Coaching), Youth Intake, and Medical. I don't want to hire individual staff in a particular area, just shift resources over between the areas (think: sliders). I know I can ask the board for youth intake or training, but I would like a limited amount of control without asking the board. Also, I would like to have some input into our medical staff. I guess I can hire a better head physio? It feels minimal. 4. I would love to create a more detailed backstory for my manager. I would like the option of detailing where I was born, teams played for, if and when I earned coaching badges, countries lived in, languages, etc. 5. International management should be an option from the start. For some players, that may be all they want to do. Let them do so, with FM Touch. They will get hooked and probably move on to club management. Unlock the ability to do both club and international together, would be my advice. I am not an editor person. What I dream of is mostly cosmetic changes. - some ability to tell my players apart more easily - ability to change up my kits (if I play with one club for a long time, I tire of the same kits) - option to choose which kit my players use for a game.
  11. Minor point: Create-a-Club: you can make two players. I can make the second player a friend of the first but not vice versa. Maybe this has no effect. Also, it doesn't seem like I can make them have any relationship to the manager that I'm playing. I just want the best chance of keeping the two players together with the manager I'm playing. Perhaps there are other ways. I make the two players highly loyal. Also, it would be cool to actually have the players have coaching badges, so they can eventually become player-staff. Perhaps also the manager we're playing as could be a player-manager? In FM 2017?
  12. Is there any word if the corner setup will be revamped? Right now, I can put my players in positions the AI has a hard time defending by using "default", when attacking corners.
  13. I think there is some middle ground here. Why not a slider from no randomness to high level? For a low level of randomness, just switching up the PA of the young players would mean people wouldn't know the future wonderkin. For a mid-range of randomness, just switching up the CA/PA of players within a team would help tremendously: my team may have had a star goalkeeper, a middling right back, and poor strike options, but upon re-rolling we have a star right back (CA about what my 'keeper had), a middling striker and poor options at goalkeeper. For a high level of randomness, we're willing to consider the possibility that the best striker is playing in the Conference. As a goalkeeper. A riot of transfers will happen. The mighty may fall, the meek may rise, cats and dogs living together...and we get to sail a ship through those waters.
  14. I'm pretty happy with the current PA/CA system. That said, I like the idea from the OP. When starting a new save, I would recommend having a slider of "unpredictability" from 0-10 where 0 means, this is exactly how good everyone is (and our prediction of how good they will become), to the best of our knowledge, and 10 meaning roll the dice: Marital may just realize he always wanted to be a mime. No goals for you, Man United. I freely admit most will set it to zero, and thus be able to buy cheap, reliable wunderkin. But I think it would add a lot to the game for some of us.
  15. Just try it and post if you have troubles If the players are not on full time contracts, they may take a long, long time to learn one tactic. Best to start with one, simple, tactic and work up from there.
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