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  1. I have this same problem in FM20 with my reserve team (currently, I'm playing in MLS with LAFC, so my reserve team is LAFC II). I see two tactics with my reserves, and the one from my main team is highlighted, but this is not what the team actually uses. I've played with this team for 4 years now and I think it is impacting my ability to train new positions. I use wingbacks and they are played as fullbacks in the reserves.
  2. After I played out a season, or so, with LAFC, they magically granted me LAFC II, essentially a reserve team. Prior to that, I had to arrange first team friendly matches and play the kids in them. Hint: You can save your lineups so you can swap players rapidly. Note: I'd love to have the ability for my assistant manager automatically arrange a weekly friendly (hopefully avoiding first team matches) to keep up fitness. Also note: FM Touch isn't the full version: there is no reason every team in the game could not have (at least) a reserve team, in a reserve league, automatically,
  3. Increase the reputation of the team by winning things. I have a question: I've played out a few seasons and my club has loads of money. Right now, our weekly salary budget is over $1 million, but I cannot give offers of any more than what I began with, about $20k/week. Meaning: even with a large squad, most of whom are right at the maximum salary I can offer, I'm spending around 1/3 of my wage budget. I can, however, loan in players and instead of wages, pay a monthly fee of virtually limitless size (I assume this comes from my transfer budget, which I also cannot spend for sim
  4. 1. When attacking corners, I want the option to hold back at least one guy more than the team defending is leaving on the half-way line. Meaning, if the opponent has 3 men on the half-way line, I want to hold back 4 men to mark them. Also, I have a bunch of guys set to "man mark" various opponents. If all opponents are man-marked, I want options. The left-over guy can: double someone, look for someone outside the area to man-mark, zonally mark an area, stand on a post, etc. 2. When defending corners, if I have a guy at the edge of the area, I want an option to have him look around and pot
  5. Great game. I've playing 558 hours of this version and unlocked 47% of the achievements. Minor comments: 1. I control-click all my players to see their names. I spend a fair amount of time doing this. It would be nice to have a better interface. Ideally, just an option under preferences to have all player names on. If not, perhaps not remove all the names if i slightly miss one player. If I'm control-clicking, and I don't hit a player, it is unlikely I am trying to clear all player names. 2. The camera options seem a bit more limited in Touch. The low behind the goal view for replay
  6. Just started playing some FM Touch. I like it. Like many others, I would like: 1. The option to control tutoring of players. and I would also like: 2. Save default Opposition Instructions (say, by position). 3. Also, I think there could be a Staff Emphasis option to switch club resources between areas, such as: Scouting, Training (Coaching), Youth Intake, and Medical. I don't want to hire individual staff in a particular area, just shift resources over between the areas (think: sliders). I know I can ask the board for youth intake or training, but I would like a limited amount of control w
  7. I'm playing FM 14 classic mode, and have very poor facilities, including training. Outside of very young players, my players do not seem to develop, much. I've never had this condition before and I'm curious exactly what is happening. Are they developing slowly, or not at all? Are they regressing? Are the older players declining faster? I'm not sure this is known, but I'm curious if my training facilities have a "current ability" cap, like, say 100 to pick a random value, and players cannot pass that line via training, or if it is like a % of top potential ability, like, say, 3/4 of max poten
  8. I would like to play with custom leagues people have made. Classic allows me to do this more rapidly. This is my main desire. For convenience/realism: I'd edit my player's appearances to make them a bit more distinct. I'd edit my older players to give them grey hair, or make them bald. They have earned it. Also, I would like to mix up the uniforms from year to year. I know this is not allowed, but when I play many seasons with one team, I would like to mix it up a bit.
  9. Do I always want a positive reaction from team talk (text turning green)? Is it worth perhaps challenging the team more for longer term benefit?
  10. 1. It is possible to assign multiple coaches to a training category. Does it average the abilities of the coaches or take the best of each? Meaning, let us say, I have a coach with very high determination - does that cover up the low determination of another coach if I assign the two to a category - or do I get the average? 2. Aside from "tactics only", does match prep carry over from one game to the next? Given the name, it should not, however I played out around 14 years of FM Classic 2013 and I felt the need to rotate through the match prep - one "Defensive set pieces" every few games s
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