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  1. 1) you can add random players and staff to clubs, why not being able to create a random club as well? You could name it, set the country, and then start at the lowest league possible there (substituting the worse rep club there), and the game could just create a random *everything* based on that league rep (so no Messi-like regens for you!). You would still be the manager only (so you can be sacked), just your expectations wouldn't be high (maybe just dont get relegated in the first season...) 2) more "sons" being created as regens, especially from famous players (like, an average player has a 2% chance of having a son playing, a good player like 4% and a legend like 8%), and if the player retired at your club, double that chance. Since only a minority of the gamers play the game for over 5 years, this wouldn't be game-changing at all, just a kind of comestic feature, some kind of "I hope I can train him to be as good as his father" realization for us. 3) As probably mentioned by a thousand people before, the attendances need to rise quicker when your team is performing above expectations (like leading the league when it was expected to relegate). In the other side, it would drop in the same rate if you lost five games in a row. 4) prices for league games needs to be doubled to match reality in Brazil. €10 might be the average "average", but some clubs charge like €30 (for non-members) 5) Club memberships needs to be re-evaluated in Brazil. SC Internacional earns in reality €28M/year while the value ingame is only half of that, for instance. 6) In Brazil, there is no season tickets in general. Its usually only the membership, which gives you 50% discount in the tickets. Clubs like SC Internacional, Gremio, Corinthians and the like usually reserve half of their stadium to their members, so the current revenue should be like. SC Internacional game with full attendance Members 25000 x 15 = 375K Non-members 26000 x 30 = 780K Total = 1.15M
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