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  1. I somewhat know how to arrange a tactic but my issue is with club management in general. How can i relate my tactics to club management? Things like who should i sign? Who should i look for scouting? What kind of contract should i offer to who? Should it be a long term contract or short? I dont have a clear vision on these questions. How do you guys play the club management part? And how that does it relate to your tactics?
  2. It is enabled in preferences but the music stops after i load my save.
  3. How can i enable background music to run during playing? It only plays at start menu.
  4. The relationship between vision and passing makes sense as one is the ability to see other is to execute. To better understand off the ball, is it the ability to create space for yourself or teammates? Like f9 droping for inside forward who seeks to exploit the space behind him, or the ability to drift around looking for space for yourself?
  5. What is the difference between off the ball and anticipation? They are both at the mental group but do they govern the same thing? For ex; if an attacking player anticipates the coming through ball and heads towards the space, what will be the influence of "off the ball" on the player? I dont quite understand this.
  6. Hi i have a question in my mind. I was watching Athletico-Real Madrid champions league match and i see that Athletico can not easily pass between the lines and short passes generally fail. I see this pattern in the game as well when i am outmatched by my opposition. I wonder which player attributes of better team are important in these situations with regards to team instructions? High dline and closing down are obvious ones. For players, better team needs anticipation to anticipate where ball is going? Workrate? Positioning? Tackling? I havent checked Real madrid players' attributes for ex. especially middfield but which player attributes are important for this high closing down game to work and making opposition team to have a bad game?
  7. Hello i just started a new save with Espanyol. I am playing 4-4-2 with defensive mentality and flexible team shape. I use only shorter passing as TI. My system is this: DLF(S) CF(A) WM(A) MC(d) BTB(s) W(S) WB(s) DC DC FB(A) I use PIs for wm to replicate inside forwards. Also w(s) has get further forward pi. Some notable ppms are dlf - come deep to get ball, cf - play one twos and btb - arrives late into opposition are. So my problem is in defence. I have some decent centre backs but conceded 7 goals in last 3 games. there is a gap between my defence and midfield also my midfield cant handle 3 or more opponents' midfield players. They are just outnumbered. My plan is to make wm(A) to wm(S) and give him sit narrow pi. Also i plan to increase defensive line. I dont know if i should touch team shape as it affects the space between lines. Do you have any suggestions to this setup? Is it balanced or have an obvious weakness? I need some help about this.
  8. hmm what about tm(s) and one if(a)? with an attacking cm TM(s) would be more beneficial.
  9. Hi, im playing as Torino. I cant believe but there is only one central defender who has 14 jumping. Others are all 10-11 and during my play he is injured. I cant seem to handle the set pieces and corners receiving many goals from them. My question how can i play with low jumping defenders? And how teams handle this in real life?
  10. I am with the same boat as you. I am sacked 5-6 times from southampton until i gave up last year. I tried to implement my own strategy without the usual cut inside-stay wider duo at wings. I tried to make 4-4-2 to work with wingers crossing same as you. Never worked. I felt like i must play the game in a specific way. Like forced on me. I thought like you, i get results if i play like that way. But i dont want to play like that. I read guides here, watched rashidi's videos if i can implement what on my mind on the game. Then i realized something this is becoming too complex. And game has too many variables to think off that i just cant stand nowadays and exit the game. I know this is not an issue for players playing the game 10 or maybe 15 years, witnessing the change while game develops and it may become their natural kind of a talent when processing the information they see and making decisions accordingly while we cant. I know i am overcomplicating things but this is my thought process after 2 years of failed fm playing.
  11. Playing southampton, i started 5 or 6 times which all of them failed. I win 1 in 5 games, others are all loss or tie. I am trying 4-1-4-1 formation or 4-3-3DM formation all the time. I want to play 4-1-4-1 formation because i have a decent dm - Victor Wanyama also i think it will bring some defensive solidity as southampton dc's are not very good. For left wing i have tadic decent winger attributes but low decisions. For right wing, i have Mane, good attacker but lack teamplay and passing ability. For that reason i came up a tactic like this: DLF(s) W(s) Cm(a) Dlp(s) Wm(a) BWM(d) FB(s) DC DC WB(s) I play standard mentality with flexible team shape. I use play out of defence instruction and sometimes work ball into box. No other tis. For PI's, i duplicated If's instructions to wm(a) with cut inside with the ball. Cm(a) has shorter passing pi and dlf has move into channels. However system doesnt work. My obsevations are; first of all w(s) stays wide and seems disconnected from the team. He grabs the ball run wide try to dribble and lose it. Cm(a) i play with stephen davis who has 8 finishing and cant finish the chances although he surges into the box. I tried changing w(s) to wm(s) and fb to wb(a) but still hardly find any goals and concede 2 or 3 even from low league teams. As for cm attack role i dont have budget to bring better player since im lacking a dc, dr already. I am stuck with the this tactic and team. I dont know what to do in order to get better with this. Any help appreciated.
  12. its the worst tactic seen in my life. with southampton cant win against even easy teams loosing 3-0/2-0. We are having 1 shots on target in games lol. I see only 1 counter attack goal from the start of the season. Teams are camping in my half, the only thing my team does is hoofing the ball to striker. Total crap. Edit: what is the point of making a tactic then? With the forum's moderators tactic i am close to be sacked. In 10 games, my team lost 5 matches, draw 4 games and win only 1 game. Then you guys expect us to make tactic and be successful?
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