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  1. Has anyone managed the Bosnian national team? If so did you achieve much? X
  2. Has anyone ever pulled a sickie from work to play the game? Haha what was your excuse?
  3. so on anyone elses save on FM14 has the Republic of Ireland qualified for the world cup leaving Germany to contest a play off?! PROOF http://gyazo.com/997cb5841a6ecc1107c2928f48a3e105
  4. hows everyones FM14 save going? im currently lying mid table with LYON in Ligue 1 after 8 games, gomis out injured for 4 weeks, 2 18 year old strikers who cant find the back of the net and shamefully im relying on defenders and midfielders to get the goals, been hammered 6 - 3 by man city in the European champions cup after a 2 - 0 defeat to juventus as well, not entered any of the cups yet but im hoping I can get these young lads hitting the back of the net and im hoping we can turn our fortunes around soon, seem to not have much luck we always seem to have penalty shouts turned down, bookings and red cards all time when other teams we face don't, and worse still we dominated and have 15+ shots on goal and still lose 1 - 0
  5. im LYON just played my second champions cup group match in a group with juventus, grasshoppers, and man city, lost my first game 2 - 0 against juventus however just now I have been hammered 6 - 3 by man city picking up 2 red cards and 2 yellows absolute massacre fuming isn't the word!!! I have that rage!!!! sure the board only wanted us to reach the group stage but still we shouldn't of been mauled like this whats been your worst European result???
  6. so whats everyones progress in these past few days since the beta came out? who are you? are you liking it?are you planning on sticking with that team and that save for the future or are you just tsting things out? personally im gunna be sticking to this save I started during the beta, trying to restore LYON to there former domestic glory, while also trying to deliver there first European trophy in there history its a lot harder than what I thought! I would of thought a club of there stature would of had more money to spend I haven't evn got a transfer budget atm!!!!
  7. has anyone noticed in FM14 that the trophies whether they be domestic or international trophies there actually a lot more coulerful and make it feel like it would be worth winning it? like on previous FM its been the same shape just black with the name and how many times won, now the world cup is very similar to the real thing and gold think that makes the experience a bit more enjoyable tbh your opinions?
  8. whats everyones lowest and highest point of playing any football manager career personally my heighest was winning the world cup with Scotland after they had a 10 year period of great talent my lowest however was losing three European cup finals in a row with my Levante team after dominating spain domestically
  9. I managed Greece to the semi finals of the world cup lost 4 - 1 to brazil and the European Championship .. so close as well to reaching the final if it wasn't for wilshere scoring the winner in the 119th minute!!!! I was confident I would win on penalties
  10. so as the title suggests, have any of you had that one trophy that has eluded you year on yea? even during your long saves? I remember taking Lincoln city to the premier league from league two years ago winning play offs and leagues avoiding relegation, snatching the johnstones paint trophy, the league cup, the fa cup even the charity shield, premier league and the euro cup and super cup but one that always got away was the Champions league! I made 4 finals in my 35 year career with Lincoln city and lost all four!!!!
  11. so with football manager 14 nearing release, what team are you all going to start as? a team in league one/two? none league? foreign? championship or premier division? I think im going to start with west brom, I saw a guy who I followed on facebook turn them into a great team like barca think im going to take inspiration from that and take them to glory on all fronts, hopefully this season ill get a national team job and will manage to win the world cup
  12. so I was wandering, what would everyone say if SI did away with commentary you know the text one and added say john motsons voice to commentate or martin tyler you know like fifa? so when it comes to dramatic conclusions or last gasp winners wed hear AGUEROOOOOO or something similar? I think it would be a good idea
  13. thanks for your input guys, ill agree with everyone who said it matters even in the FM world of getting into a cup final at Wembley, it may only be the johnstones paint trophy but its a cup and a winners medal for my manager and players
  14. so im currently managing Yeovil town now after my sacking by luton town and I was wandering, as a manager in the game what do you regard as most important? cups or league success? ive just seen that they want third round of the FA Cup, second round the League Cup and mid table safety in League One, they say there not bothered about the Johnstones Paint Trophy :s .. so my question is if any of you play in the lower leagues would you try to win the JPT? or would you rather not bother with the cups and just go for promotion?
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