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  1. How did Liverpool go through on away goals when they only scored 1 away goal and Bayern must have scored two to draw the game 3-3 on agg?
  2. INTER 4-0 Roma. The on-fire Totti didn't have a sniff and suffered a rating of 5.9. Eto'o and Milito both scoring doubles in a very easy win, backed up with 59% possesion.
  3. I LOVE this idea! Too many suggestions are about how to make the game more detailed withou actually having anything to do with football management like better celebrations etc. But some managers live and die by set pieces and the currect set piece set up isn't nearly good enough! Having a diagram of a tacitcs bored and saying where you want your men and where to run and where to get the ball delivered would be great! Also you could save your man made tactics and durin a game say you want only set piece 1 deployed or you could let your players pic which 1 they want and let them choose between the 5 you've invented! Something like that but its a great idea imo and needs to be looked at.
  4. Sorry, can't be bothered searching through 13 pages to see if anyone has mentioned my idea but here goes... You guys want a realistic managers sim that is as close to real life as possible to what a manager does and make decisions like he does... So surely (especially in todays game) going into huge set piece depth is a major thing, all we get is go forward, stay back etc but surely SI can plan and develop a way to create and implement our own set pieces to create a few extra problems for the opposition! Would be great as some teams live for set pieces! Any thoughts?
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