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  1. Hi Dan, I am sure I can, I just don’t know how... Do I click on the ‘report a bug’ option in game? Kaio Jorge has since moved to Juventus, do you still want the save game? Cheers
  2. Hi there, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I spoke to Kaio Jorge's agent about any transfer interest, and he said that 'he would require the club to qualify for the Copa Libertadores before considering joining' (see attached screenshot). I manage HSV in Germany, and can't qualify for the Libertadores, so can only assume he means the Champions League? Thanks for a great game, loving it at the moment!
  3. Anyone thought of having their Seg Vol swap with his midfield partner in game to reduce the workload? Give him a slight rest in a less taxing role.
  4. This is amazing and very helpful. Only issue is i'm trying to look for my full backs to overlap, but then there are acres of space where they should be in defence. Other than sacrificing the overlap, which is what i've come to, can anyone think of a solution? Came 2nd in Serie A with AC Milan with tactic which is 4231, but with a DMCR (DLP) and MCL (BWM, SU). Works well-ish but don't score many goals but create a lot of chances. Reckon having the RB more attacking with the DMCR to cover him would work with AMR as an IF?
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