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  1. Update finished. Let me know if I missed anything. Also, it would be SUPER helpful if everyone would at least include in their end-of-season posts their team name, their division, the position they finished, the year, and, god willing, if they won the Champions League. Now, most of you get most of those, but there's a lot of posts in particular that don't include the division they're in. If all that information is there it takes me 10 seconds to update your entry on the spreadsheet, if it's not it can take a few minutes. If you just say "first season done, finished 13th with Suchandsu
  2. Updating the standings now. Sorry for the delay, I was busy with some other stuff then I had some computer issues and lost my own save. Will probably try again in a while, probably once everyone else has moved on so nobody will end up reading my recaps anyway.
  3. Just got around to updating the website standings, let me know if I got anything wrong.
  4. Sorry, I meant to mention that in this thread but forgot. It happens sometime during the day on June 24th; after 9:00 but before 18:00, somewhere in there.
  5. Man, we just love comebacks apparently. In 16 competitive matches so far we're 9-5-2. Of the 9 wins, we trailed in 4, including one where we were down 2-0 at the half, and one where we scored in the 93rd minute to win. 1 of the 5 draws was scoreless, of the other 4 we trailed in 3, including another where we were down 2-0 at the half. We've scored 10 and allowed 12 goals in the first half, and scored 22 and allowed 10 in the second half.
  6. Scored 45 seconds into my first league game, so I imagine it's all downhill from here.
  7. I was all set to start with Nantwich until I realized the white text on neon green background was lighting my retinas on fire. So, Mickleover!
  8. Website is updated for 2019. Champions are now in a submenu you can access by hovering over the year. https://warhawk137.wixsite.com/dafugechallenge 2018 standings also finalized. Congrats to the 7 people who completed the challenge.
  9. I'll try and get the website ready for 2019 and archive the 2018 stuff on its own page. And do a final update for 2018.
  10. Sorry for the delay again everyone. Standings are updated. @dkouv, your players are up on your champion page. @tajj7 and @themonk9223, I have created pages for you as well which you can access from the home page. At the moment I just have your season results and cup results. tajj7, yours are probably complete but let me know if I'm missing any; themonk9223 I only have incomplete cup results for you, from your last season plus the FA cup in your second to last season, and I could tell you at least reached the final in the Trophy in your first season, If you can, let me know wh
  11. @dkouv: I set up your page too, got the screenshot of your manager from your last post, so all I need to add are player screenshots. https://warhawk137.wixsite.com/dafugechallenge/dkouv
  12. @thomas_e: Finished the page I put together for you, it's at https://warhawk137.wixsite.com/dafugechallenge/thomas-e Can also access it now from the front page where I added a Champions list ahead of the standings. Hope you don't mind that I did a bit of editing on the blurbs you wrote, just to fix a few spelling and grammar issues. @dkouv: Now that I've got the format set up, if you'd like to do the same thing, give me screenshots of 4-8 key players (they don't have to still be on the team or even still playing at all), and a short blurb on each (no more than 4 senten
  13. If you want to, I'm thinking maybe if you can get me screenshots of your most important players, maybe 4-8 of them, I'll include a slideshow of that. If you'd like to do a short blurb on them that would be even better. Season results I can pick up from your table so that's easy. Did you manage to get any notable results in the FA Trophy (since that's not in the table you posted)? Trying to think of anything else I might add. Oh, your manager profile at the end of the challenge.
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