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  1. I definitely agree the amount of newgens and how good they are is very overweighted, the game becomes easier each season when you can gobble up the wonderkids. I created a much better and more balanced newgen file for the game and really find it helps when playing the long career game. Less wonderkids, less higher potential ability newgens, more varied in nationalities, the best newgens predominantly come from the big clubs, from their fantastic youth academies and scouting systems so you really have to focus on the development of the kids you have and can find with there being less
  2. If you look at this thread where I posted some pics and a vid I use the IWB role to great effect in my formation. I have found, like Impacto says above, the key is to have one man in the DM area. I use the HB role, for your DLP, I found in my formation I can use him in the CM role, moving my AM down as a DLP and the IWBs will still move into the midfield and create that diamond in the midfield. Playing an IWB-Attack role really gets them breaking into the box or having a shot from just outside the area. As a support role they will move the ball around keeping possession. I like to retrain more
  3. For LLM I think your trying to play like the big boys. On my present save in the Vanarama as Stockport I'm playing more of a standard/direct style as the players just dont have very good attributes for them to play a short passing/constant pressing style. There are a couple of teams in my league who do try to play like your style and they are not having much success. The more direct styles are catching them out with balls being played over the high lines which I feel reflects the lower attributes for players in these lower leagues. They just dont have the intelligence or skill levels to p
  4. Its all about space with IWBs, you have to create the space for them to utilize. In my tactic a few posts above, my aim is to use the two IWBs as central midfielders (I retrain CMs to IWBs). If there is no one occupying that space they do play as CMs when we are in possession and out of possession they run back to cover the wings. The mentality of your team also plays a big role in the way your IWBs and HB interact. I dont use above balanced mentality as these three players are the key to my system and I want them playing as a triangle like in that screenshot I posted. I also dont want my
  5. I'm using a HB with two IWB-s and they seem to get ahead of the HB whenever we have possession. On support duty they sit in the midfield area, on attack duty they will make the runs into the box quite frequently. The below video shows a goal from the right sided IWB who was on attack duty at the time. The Left sided IWB was on support duty. IWB Goal1.mp4
  6. When the background is processing, the white text needs to be darkened on this screen too.
  7. This isnt just a language mod its a culture mod too. Let me give an example that I'm sure can be replicated for whatever region in the world your from: Being someone originally from North England, Manchester, the dialect from Manchester to Liverpool is quite different, its not a huge difference in lifestyle but it would take a minute to settle in and adjust. Also someone in the North of England countryside might find it an adjustment to move to the London area, slang and dialect is different which effects the culture your living in. It will take time to adjust to. This pr
  8. I only just have FM21 so its simulating time so I can be happy when I start a long term save. I'm a perfectionist too and once I start a career it probably wont end for a few real life years! I played FM14 until FM20, same career save all those years! I went to FM20 but just didnt like the match engine. FM21 I hope will provide what FM14 did for me and keep me entertained the next few years.
  9. Excellent news! My list of necessities for the game are yours and majestics mods. I used them in FM20 too. So a big thanks again as I know the amount of work that goes into the editor, skinning and mod making. I'm just simulating seasons right now with the files you have released in anticipation for your updates and the official start of my next career
  10. Any eta on the next update? I'm not going to start a new career save until next version. Thanks for all your work making the game more realistic!
  11. This should really be fixed by SI. Wouldnt it be as simple of changing the skin colour code for players from S.E.Asian countries? Please patch this up soon and dont make us wait another year, you never bothered to fix it for FM20 either.
  12. I've been trying to replicate this formation too and have been coming up against that second half of season struggle after a tremendous first half season dominating teams. I am Sporting Lisbon though and besides Porto and Benfica most teams are inferior to us. What I've been doing to help against the more park the bus styles is dropping my wingers back one space into the wide midfield areas and putting them onto WM-A roles with stay wider. I've also had to drop the defensive line to standard as it seems to allow the opposition to venture a little further forward which in turn creates cou
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