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  1. Anyone tried this with other versions of FM ? Does it happen on FM18 which many regard as the better ME?
  2. No worries mate, I was showing the video highlights from the patched ME as I feel things are much smoother and better to watch with nothing showing "strange behaviour" that some people are suggesting. I wasnt seeing those sorts of goals before the physics patch. Dont want to cause a scene here Just hoping the dev crew will take note that maybe users could help improve the game too.
  3. These are some of the things the patch is altering which we surely can agree affect the match engine and if not, then the ME dosent get effected by physics. I personally feel the matches are better with the changes and notice nothing unrealistic, more chances of randomness, physical players being more physical, speed merchants actually knocking the ball past opponents, no super long back passes to the keeper, no defenders standing around watching, long shots actually going in. It just seems to make things more fluid and much better to watch.
  4. I've been a player since the very first Championship Manager series!! I honestly stopped buying each new version over a decade ago because the changes were just mostly fluff. I purchased FM20, my last version I purchased before that was FM14 so the change from FM14 to FM20 was quite noticeable. I consider the most important aspect of this game being the Match Engine. Is the FM20 ME that much superior to FM14 given a six year development cycle.. I dont think so. I also play on 2d classic view so dont care about the fancier graphics. I got used to the fact the devs are not good
  5. It seems a problem with these files. Its a shame as the youth tournaments are a really good idea but these files do break your career saves and longterm games.
  6. I dont have a copy from then. I didnt notice the error until June of 2020 in game and wondered why the squad was starting to complain.
  7. I'm also experiencing the same issue. I'm playing as Maritimo in portugal and the season never has the squad go on holiday. The "squad end of season break" in the training section just moves onto the next day and never happens. I attached a screenshot of the files I'm using. My career save is 13 nations and 22 leagues.
  8. I have this problem too with my save. I'm managing with Maritimo in Portugal. End of the first season and it shows in the training screen "squad end of season break" but the break never comes and just goes onto the next day. Training shows rest. Now the players are getting upset there is no training. Please can it be fixed??
  9. Are we good to use this file with 20.4 release? Great work btw on all your files making the game that little bit more realistic.
  10. Yes sorry, 2.5mil It should have been. Its still low compared to other leagues but it does rise gradually.
  11. Plachy - I cant remember off hand what the money is but I do know its been steadily climbing. I see the values of players climb too, first few seasons I was buying for cheap, players could be as little as 50k but now they are usually selling around 250k. I know what you mean by getting attached, I was only going to stay at Dinamo for 4 seasons before taking another club up the ladder but I became attached to the youth coming through
  12. How much money does the club have? I only saw the option to request a new stadium after the club had tons of money, something like a 50 million balance and I was a championship side.
  13. I started the same challenge in Belarus. Its pretty good to do, but does takes ages. After 10 seasons with Dinamo Minsk I am constantly the best in Belarus and qualify out of the group stages of the champ league each season. Made it to the semi's once but usually go out in the quarter finals. I am about to leave Dinamo Minsk to improve another team in the league. I think thats the key, the more successful you can make the teams in your league the quicker the league rep grows as more teams do better in the euro comps. I would routinely sell my good players to other teams in the league just to
  14. Belarus was definitely the most fun I have had managing on my career game so far, its the league I intend to return to once I see my management career in its twilight years. The players I could attract at the very start were low level south americans (with a couple of bright stars), aging italians and some decent eastern europeans. When I left the league after 5 seasons, the standard had increased by one star and i was seeing better quality players joining the league, especially young brazilians who were seeking the european experience.
  15. I have a good one for you...Belarus I managed there for 5 seasons at Dinamo Minsk, I had good competition with about 5 other teams, the league is fairly short and you can get through a few seasons quicker. During my 5 seasons I saw the league reputation increase a full star and also started to see more good quality foreigners coming into the league. I then left to manage in England but I plan on ending my career back in Belarus to see if I can make the league one of the better options in europe.
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