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  1. Will let you know when i Get my first youth intake. Approaching December now.
  2. FC Andorra, if youth intake consists of Andorrians and not Spaniards. Long term goal of bringing Andorra national team to the World Cup!
  3. I had a 38 year old Santi Cazorla playing for my San Marino side in SerieA, before retiring despite my efforts of him staying for one more season. His mental and technical stats where still great.
  4. Don't know if it can be defined as "glory" yet, but in my personal opinion it is. Just finished 2020 season, and managed to steal euro cup play for the next season by finishing 5th in Serie A, with San Marino.
  5. If it doesn't happen this year, I blame it all on you. You probably jinxed it now...
  6. Try posting in the correct forum, and include more info. Like what Mac, version of Mac and game, what custom files You are using and so on.. Mac crash forum: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/361-Mac-Specific-Issues
  7. Thank you very much for the megapack! Just what I've been looking for. Any idea why there is no "Information Screen" button on the "Club Screen" of Japanese club or national team?
  8. It looks like it works except there is no Information Screen on the Japanese clubs..
  9. Its not private for me. Its also just a forum where you can organize and look for others wanting to play FM online.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Vaduz FC Veduz is a Lichtenstein club playing in the Swiss second division. They also appear in a Lichtenstein cup where they are favorites each year, where the winner qualifies to Europe. So your in second division in Switzerland and playing european football.
  11. Any similar team like RSB Leipzig in the German 3rd Division anywhere? Would love a lower league team with a great youth set-up
  12. Love the new individual roles for each position, but was wondering if it is possible to add color codes to the list of players to more easily identify who you already have added to your list of individual roles? Is it also possible to add a function of adding more than one player each time? How shift-clicking usually works.
  13. Struggling with San Marino. 4 games - 4 narrow lost games.
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