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  1. FC Andorra. It’s a blast. 1200 capacity stadium in division 3 in Spain, but not a Spanish team so only getting Andorrans through youth ranks. My long term plan is Andorra to get to World Cup. Another similar one is SAN Marino in Italy
  2. Will let you know when i Get my first youth intake. Approaching December now.
  3. FC Andorra, if youth intake consists of Andorrians and not Spaniards. Long term goal of bringing Andorra national team to the World Cup!
  4. I had a 38 year old Santi Cazorla playing for my San Marino side in SerieA, before retiring despite my efforts of him staying for one more season. His mental and technical stats where still great.
  5. It looks like it works except there is no Information Screen on the Japanese clubs..
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