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  1. HI guys quick question, I wondered if anyone knows of or could point me in the right direction for removing non EU player purchase restrictions i.e no requirement for work permit. Any feedback would be much appreciated
  2. haha funny you should say that i just came to that conclusion myself i feel like such a dope. i logged back onto here to tell you my incredibly dumb mistake and found you had suggested same thing. It is working now i apologies for taking up your time on something so embarrassingly stupid.
  3. I have also tried this to no effect and strangely I just installed the game on my laptop and got exact same issue. Also when I uninstall and reinstall it seems to have saved my settings so maybe its not been fully uninstalled? Have since used revo uninstaller to remove all game files and still no joy. Any Ideas? I bought and downloaded the game through stream could it be an issue there?
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. There were but i hav since deselected them and also deleted them whilst uninstalling the game and reinstalling twice. bizarrely also in germany the only team in the first division it will let me manage is bremen im so confused by all this. I know from past game expereince if there were issues with custom files etc it would not let me load certain leagues but never certain clubs. Any ideas on what I could try? I have uploaded an image to show my issue.
  5. Hi guys having a major issue I have yet to play the game because when start a new game and begin to choose which club to become manager of it will not let me manage in spain at all or in league 2 in england and a division in france even though i have loaded all these up as playable. i am totally confused by this any thoughts or help would be much appreciated. happy to post screenshots if my issue isnt clear.
  6. Hi guys having a problem with the editor, whenever I try to run the editor i just get a black screen with a constant loading sign. I have tried deleting and reinstalling it with no success, Any help would be much appreciated
  7. thankyou it worked a treat much appreciated.
  8. hey guys i wondered if anyone could help me out with how to change the team names colour. I know how to change the text for in-game commentary however i want to change the colours of the team name that is on the homescreen which also has the same colours as when you click on a player. The team i wish to change is Lens in the french 2nd division i wish to change their team name to the same colours as their kit which is red and yellow, At the moment their team name is in red and white but i have no idea how to change this. Reading this back im not sure how clear i have been with my question but if anyone can offer any help it would be much appreciated.
  9. Can this editor be used on online games also? side subject but i see you can purchase an option for no work permits also, can this be used during online games also?
  10. thanks for the replies but as an Arsenal fan I can indeed tell you that tall players have a good jump example being per mertersacker. Anyway I know computer game aside how different attributes contribute to aerial ability I just wondered if the creators of the game have made height a stat worth noting or if its in the game for just more detail.
  11. I was wondering if any of you guys knew if a players height on here makes a difference? or is it all down to jumping and heading stats ? Basically want to create a team that plays similarly to Stoke where no-one is under 6ft but wondered if the height would make any difference at all ? Any thoughts would be appreciated
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