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  1. Zivkovic bagged another 3 !! Moved us up to 8th place and I had to sub Balo off at half time to give Kaka a chance. Zivkovic scored on minute 1,45 and 67!He's only 17! These are his stats He only cost 600k!
  2. He's a fantastic wonderkid, I drew vs Madrid after Pepe got sent off . I'm through to the knockout stages
  3. My tactic: I guess it was complacent Balotelli's fault, dropped him for Zivkovic after not scoring in 7 consecutive matches and this happens. Should I play Zivkovic against Real Madrid?
  4. Wish Nocerino wasn't on loan, my midfield has little depth with 2 injuries in one match
  5. started new updated save, chuffed with my signings- http://gyazo.com/572efdc4693355781e691a783d143361.png
  6. Pirlo just got a hat trick away from home against Bolton as a DLP:lol: 2 penos and 1 longshot
  7. Can't find the option! Playing as City and we're filling the Etihad every week!
  8. I got 85mil to spend after my first season and there aren't really any other world-class DLPs' available for the 15m mark. I get the point though..
  9. Have none of you guys gone for the legends like Gerrard or Lampard? I picked up Pirlo for 12.5 mil!! great additio to the squad imo
  10. Nation:No BPL , Liga BBVA, Ligue 1/2 Division:The first division of a country European Competition:Not in Europe ATM but needs to be a club that can get in the Champions League Media Prediction: Mid - table / 2nd/3rd best in league (Like dortmund to Bayern) Board Expectation(s): "something not to pressurizing" Transfer Budget: Bucketloads, and I mean alot like over 35million Wage Budget: Lots I guess Finances: Rich Other: Would Vitenesse work? I want to develop wonderkids and turn into a club legend by winning the Champions League
  11. ...2 non-eu players rule for AS Monaco ? I have Adryan , Lucas Zen, Ocampos and Wellington Nem and dont want any of them to miss the season
  12. I'm not a highly skilled FM player but with a Milan save I was flying high in first with high morale and everyone was playing great but then injuries occured and I had to start playing players out of position I want to be a team that I will finish in a Champions League spot each year with fun to be had and great squad depth I guess, a good transfer budget would be great too. No Man City, PSG, Milan,Napoli,UTD
  13. Started with Napoli. Can anyone recommend tactics and transfers to make? More so tactics as I'm abysmal at them which means Im not that good in this game :/
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