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  1. Thanks but I’m already having problems. Arezo has been denied a wp. When I originally offered a contract In the summer transfer window I was told he’d get a permit on appeal, however come 1st jan with the new rules it was flat out refused. Did you start you game before the patch? That might be why it’s different for you, or it maybe I’m doing something wrong 😂
  2. Thanks - that was what I thought... hmmm will need to decide if I want to start again or if I can live with it. Not being able to sign wonderkids is a pretty big issue though
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before but I cannot find anything on search... Can you use the in-game editor to remove work permit restrictions? I appreciate I could add nationalities by using it but that would mean I get a pretty unfair advantage over my rivals so I'd rather not go down this route. Not enjoying the restrictions, albeit I know it's realistic, so want to remove. Thanks in advance
  4. Unfortunately it’s not confirmed either way as yet. Looks like it’s a real possibility but still a chance it won’t come this year
  5. This really. Full game is out on pc, and I still don’t know whether to buy it or wait for stadia....
  6. The simple solution is to enable cross play. Start a saved game on pc after using the editor, continue on stadia. Pretty please fm gods??
  7. I agree, and maybe this is the prelude to doing away with physical numbers for attributes as well eventually. I’m sure Klopp doesn’t get scout reports that’s says some players finishing is 15 out of 20 😂
  8. Yeah me too tbf! Still we live in hope! Cross play would be good as you could potentially start a game with mods on pc and then just load said game on Stadia!
  9. Ok thank you. It’s a shame there’s not even an indication of whether it’s likely or not so close to launch but I appreciate you taking the time to respond 😊
  10. I’m not ordering the pc version as I’m waiting to see if the mod issue on stadia has any workarounds this year, however requests for updates as to whether it is even coming are not getting responses on either Twitter or here at the moment. Please can we have an update? If it’s not coming I’d like to know. I could have preordered on pc and be playing the beta by now if it’s not coming 😂
  11. Steam link worked really well for me on fm20, and I’ve got crap broadband!
  12. Re the editor, would a solution be to allow it as a stand-alone download on either the steam store, or your website? I’m sure it will work with the epic version of the game if people could just download it somewhere other than dlc on the steam store
  13. Hey all - I'm currently playing in League One and I noticed my starting line-up contained 7 players I have loaned from other clubs. Isn't the limit 5 in a matchday squad? Edit to say I have not turned on no loan restrictions!
  14. Sorry for the crap title... basically this year I have been instant resulting a lot of games, just because it saves a lot of time. However this causes a problem if I instruct players to get stuck in, as they will invariably get sent off! I’d like an option in the player instructions that you can enable to automatically switch from get stuck in to ease off when the player was booked, which would reduce the number of reds I’m getting!
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