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  1. I really like the new version of FM Touch. The Match is very much improved with the new animations. They also dont play stupid moves over and over again so you can watch the more detailed highlights. You did a great job here. You can also give the boring work to the assistent, which is great. They dont give contracts to high star talents, saying there is no potential. Stars means nothing but is it a bit wasty to let them go? I dont like the missing editor and the missing german amateur leagues, but thank you for giving back the third division. The new tactics dont work for me, even with fitting teams. There is a chance that im too stupid, but i have to still use my only style which seems to work and i cannot have other saves with different playstyles. Last year on Ipad the contract negotiation was not very comfortable so i wont buy this version but i really looking forward for switch version. Hope you release it very soon.
  2. Hi, I really want an Editor or somehow be able to play custom databases. I cannot explain how important this Feature is. Or at least make make german Oberliga and Regionalliga playable in FMT please. Three Divisions are not enough. Best Regards.
  3. it worked after the new season started. when i run in this issue again, i will upload a save.
  4. Hi Thomas Simmonett, I always use the player search screen to set a player as a transfer target. i searched for a central midfielder in the searching tool. cheers
  5. Hello, when i choose a player as a transer target, the director of football don´t start to make an offer. it stays at "not started yet". At the beginning in my save it worked well but then he stopped making offers. He renew contracts though. Best Regards
  6. hello, when I leave the responsibility for the scouting at my chief scout, he dont scout anything. its the same if i would take the responsibility and do nothing. can someone explain this to me please?
  7. Hi, i really like the new FM Touch. But i cannot see the average wage when i am in contract negotiations. I really need this to keep my wage in balance. Can somebody help me here?
  8. Hi José Santos, The Computer don`t react anymore, so i cannot make a screenshot but i can do a handy picture next time it happens. I play on full screen.
  9. Hi, when i play FM 16 i get sometimes a poison neon green screen after a 3D Match. The computer don`t react anymore so i have to restart. I dont have this problem in my other games, but i dont play them to often to be honest. FM is my main Hobby on PC so i really hope that somebody will help me. My Specs are Intel i5 3470 3,20 GHZ Gigabyte Mainboard 8 GB Ram Sapphire 380 X Nitro with newest driver Win 10 64 Bit
  10. You need a good Processor and enough Ram. The Match Engine runs on onboard Graphic fine.
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