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  1. Hi guys, back from a long break just bought fm2017 and am looking for someone that can lead Arsenal, preferably a CD maybe? thanks for any names you send my way. Good to be back
  2. Guys and Gals, my staff keep telling me to play Arteta over Flamini, however Flamini is having the betters games (time after time). Your advice? Playing 4-2-3-1. (FM 2014 latest patch).
  3. Mate, I have bought players and they didn't go up in price that like, anyway doesn't really matter. I can't be bothered with it, along with the Man City and Chelsea buying up everyone and winning everything the game is flawed. I am going to buy the PC version to see if it is any different.
  4. Yeah I agree, solid game, still playing and not sure if I will even buy FM2014.
  5. At this risk of being considered argumentative, "really"? you really believe it is a lot easier, what brought you to that outcome? People are reporting to you that "players listed are not being picked up, for seasons, not one"??? AN77 reported 10 seasons. I mean okay it only cost ten bucks, but well kind of a game destroyer don't you think? Having to offer world class players for 10K to even get a offer, regardless of their ability, is just sad, really is. Most people would agree any "EPL Player" would get picked up by lower divisions, surely? How can you fix this in the game, I don't think you can. Don't get me wrong cool quick little game but something is very wrong when you can sell anyone. Hopefully you can find out what the problem is. Thanks for the reply Alari.
  6. Thanks for reply, I haven't played the classic mode yet but am aware of it. I will take a look at it later, again thanks for answering.
  7. Hello Marc, what do you mean by 'MyClub'? I only ask as I have bought one unlockable (can't be sacked) however the sugar daddy was going to cost Aussie $10.00. I do feel this is a little steep for what usually comes with the PC version (via editor). Also Marc, would you recommend buying this game? I have always bought this series however held back this year due to the complexity of the modern 'football sim'. Again thanks for any help on these questions.
  8. Thanks mate, that is the second bit of helpful advice you have given. I will try this.
  9. thanks to all that agreed regards this absurd aspect of the game. I cannot believe people are defending this obvious issue. Anyway I will do AN77 said and hopefully things will improve. Again thanks ;-)
  10. yep no new news there, I bought this game just the other day for my ipad and have watched Chelsea and Man City buy "everyone" with aparently unlimited funds so it would seem. Second season worse, most of the best players were snapped up by either Chelsea and or man City, got old real quick. Even as the Gunners I couldn't compete with the transfers unfolding in the game, huge money and wages. :-( And then no surprise Man City won the league like with 10 games to go, seemed to win everything right from the get go, glad I only paid 10 bucks for this warped bias. For example I remember watching Man U snap up with world class player for like 11 mil (something like that) and when I checked his profile once he had signed he was valued at like 29 million right of the bat, really! quite obvious cheating from a game aspect. This is not sour grapes as I am still playing half way through second season, but again Man City leading the race yet again with i can only imagine one massive funds for wages. IMHO it is even worse then their real life endless bank account. Basically if your not playing either Chelsea or Man City you lose out on 90% of your bids as you cannot match these two clubs. I may buy the PC version but at $70 bucks Aussie I am not so sure if this is anything to go by. Cheers
  11. It would seem one cannot sell (get rid) of players in this game, anyone had any luck at all? Into my 2nd season with Arsenal and players I have had listed since day one week one season one have had no offers at all, give me a break!
  12. Good news found it after all, it is a little different with the new mini ipad. Thanks for your info, I will still by FM2013 as I play it on the PC.
  13. Marc, sorry to bother you with this, but for some strange reason FM2011 isn't showing up anywhere under aps. It is on my ipod but doesn't show up. I was going to re-buy it as it is not that expensive however only fm2013 shows up in the aps store? Have FM2012 and FM2011 been removed do you know? I will probably just buy FM2013 for the Ipad as it is just 14 bucks but might have been nice to keep FM2011, so I guess I am asking do you know why FM2011 is missing from the Aps store and doesn't even show up on my purchased list, all my songs and championship manager is listed but no FM? :-( Cheers mate
  14. I recently bought an Ipad mini and my music transfered across okay from my Ipod to my Ipad via cloud. I have Football Manager 2011 on my Ipod. Am I able to move the game from my Ipod to the Ipad or do I need to buy it again? Thank you
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