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  1. the first paragraph, well yeah that's what I do with my current middlesbrough save. But unlike you, I never told any player to closedown more individually. Instead I told my flat back 4 to close down much less. I just want to press higher up the pitch, when the ball is still on their half. I also rarely use tight marking because there are many speed merchants at English premier league There was a rather unique way I did to learn how to use OI effectively. Long ago I created or edited my assistant manager using FM editor (the one that must start a new game to take effect) with tactical attributes similiar to my close down philosopy, and set his tactical knowledge, n both judging CA and PA 20. Then I would ask his opinion on how to do the OI for every match. I keep watching how he use OI and now I can use one by myself. Assistant manager, if you have the right one, can be a great assest too There are some general rules for me to use high pressing, - Never use tight marking on pacey winger or striker or attacking midfielder. You may use harder tackle if their bravery is low (<11). It is a common thing to keep a safe distance when marking a speed merchant. - Always close down player who are creative, or good at passing. - There is an exception, if your opposition is using a lone striker formation do not order your player to close him down. A striker like this usually is the primary bait to lure your defender out of position. Especially with 4-2-3-1or 4-4-1-1 formation - But IF, if, that lone striker is starting to aggresively use dribbles and long shots to break through your defense, give the order to always close him down. A striker like this, (Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Sturridge, Ibra) are the main reason why i keep my flat back 4's closing down setting to much less. In case I need to close down one, my defender wont just chasing a ghost together like crazy, leaving so many holes at defence. Let's say Messi is running towards the middle with the ball at his feet, and I set my players to always close him down. IF both fullback are both instructed to close down much more, they will happlly leave both flanks completely vulnerable just to chase Messi. No, i dont want that. - The same rules also applies for a pair of striker (line 4-4-2), Dont instruct your player to always close down both of them right off the bat. Sometime it is fine not to give any Oi at them at all. - Always closing down a pivot player is a good thing to do, regardless of how good he is at passing. Usually a midfielder or Defensive midfielder with defend duty, aka the lowest midfielder when your opposition has possession. Instruct someone to man-mark him is also an alternative - In some rare cases, Always close down a fullback who keep sending deadly crosses. I do this after watching the match for a moment, not at the start of the match. Since I use a Standart 4-4-2 I dont need to order my wingers to man-mark opposition's fullbacks. Oi is enough - Tight Marking for High level playmakers but slow, like iniesta, fabregas, Toni Kroos, Xabi Alonso. -The key is to force your opposition to attack an area your team is best at, or force them to attack using certain methods that your team is excel against. There is no way we can always press them down all the time. Especially at high level competitions. that in mind. Perhaps they get more possession or more shoot but the point is to make use of what your team is best at not to do something they clearly cannot do I'm using a Standart 4-4-2. Flat back 4, flat midfielder quartet, and a pair of striker. Control Mentality, Fluid Team's Shape My TI: Slightly higher defensive line, Much lower to normal tempo (depends), Slightly narrower, and hits early crosses. For away Matches: Structured Team shape, TI's are the same, but I juse Much higher defensive line insteadm since structured team shape increase depth.
  2. this one perhaps can give u some insights It was based on the older edition but u should get the general picture. Rigid is now called structured, Balanced is now called flexible (team shape)
  3. dudes, the suffering from losing matches are perfectly natural thing that makes us human. But it's thanks to failures we can grow even more. If u can accept failures as an essential part of growing, u can bounce back to the right track. What makes FM addicting is, once u get on track for a while, your oppositions will adapt n u will eventually lose If u can't adapt. Take a look at Barcelona's extreme Tiki Taka era, that eventually lost both in score n play, to the German Giant. Even in real life, there are only few clubs at the highest level of competitions could achieve an unbeaten season. For me, the most exciting part of playing FM is not getting the title itself, or being unbeaten for so long. But it is the thrilling sensation I get every time my team is on an urgent state during a match. What change should I do, when I should bring in subs, what on earth did u do wrong with the setup, etc. Also I never pausing the game while thinking hard how to turn the table to feel the sensation of panic. "hold yourselves boys im thinking now, just wait, dont get conceded" that's what usually come into my mind. It's indeed frustrating but that's the fun. It's not fun if u keep dominating n winning every match, or winning a match mostly because the quality of your players are far far better, more so if it's done by cheating with a 3rd party program. U will eventually get bored, n losing your way. There were many lost matches that made me feel satisfied because I know I gave it all on those matches, n even though I lost I did fight back as best as I could. U need to set a short-term goal that is still possibly achieved by your team before setting your eyes on something higher. Like, first, try to avoid not losing matches in a row before setting eyes to a more challenging goal that is not too far ahead from the previous one. Little by little, no matter how big your side is. This way, u wont get frustrated too much, n give u a hint of how much u have grown. Eventually u will be capable of spotting problems n weaknesses at few glances almost automatically. Dont stick to plug n play. Using a completely identical tactic down to every player's roles n instructions even using the same club n players. It wont give u the same result. Mainly because football is dynamic. Every match is different, so each of them also need different measures even before the game is started. FM also have some random elements like player's consistency n important matches (hidden attributes). Here comes your skills n experience as a manager. In regards to the topic, both mentality n team shapee are just determining the basic frame of your tactic. IMHO, it's down to how well u can combine all 11 players to work in harmony n avoid players neglecting or conflicting with each other. It's quite similar with how a car works. Mentality is like, how fast n powerful do u want that car to be,. While team shape is like do u want that car to be a 4wd or 2wd, front engine or midship engine (the engine is on the middle of chassis, usually behind the seats). Then playing style is like do u want a car for racing on the circuit tracks or offroad ones, or racing on public roads, or racing on very long legth tracks, or just for family trips or daily use. But no matter what u will need all parts of the car to work perfectly fine n in harmony. Let's say u have an engine that can generate 11000 RPM but your tachometer maximum capacity is just 8000, it means your engine is just a waste of time n money because it wont never achieve its maximum potential. It's winter but your tires arent suited for snowy track? say hello from the netherworld. What I found interesting about both football tactics n cars is, both of them are always pursuing balance. In football we seek balance of each player to achieve a desired result or style of play, both defense n attack. We need to adjust roles n duty with that in mind. While with cars, engineers are always seeking for balance of weight no matter what basic frame is being used to build one to achieve the desired speed n stability. They need to adjust every part of the car including those "for the sake of eye candy-only" parts so the car can be well-balanced in weight distribution, Without balance, both tactics n cars will crash n crumble. So yeah, u need to understand how each role works along with its available duty. Several roles are available on different positions so they wont act the same, depends on which position u assigned that role into. U also need to learn how each duty in each positions act in different mentality n team shape settings. If u're done with that, u can concentrate more on analyzing your opposition. How they adapt to your tactic year by year. Cheers, n good luck
  4. No matter what we say if u dont want to try with patience then I suggest dont ask for solutions. Rather than asking for solutions it's more like u wanna tell ppl how frustating your team is. There is a simple solution for your very problem without changing the formation. It lies within the 4-4-2 i posted before but u only paid attention to the formation n now u're just being disrespectful here. Dont just blaming those IFs, or me. think about it in other perspectives. The screenshots from me before should be enough for u to figuring it out. with a coold head
  5. it was actually a classic matter. Few editions back then there was someone who became frustated because his fullbacks were always be the ones who made the most passes instead of his central midfield pairing. They just gave both wingers with IF role, using control n very fluid n much higher defensive line+much more closing down, Play narrower n exploit the middle, thiniking that's how Barca under Guardiola plays. I myself was like that once. I could tell why it doesnt work because of that. While there is nothing wrong to try to replicate a system to some extent, I believe that trying to think differently to get the same result is a good thing to do. Like WWfan few years ago who stated his interpretation of Barcelona, with a counter mentality setting. Not perfect, but open up many ppl's mind
  6. lowering your mentality, use PI for closing down instructions rather than pumping up all player's closing down from TI, go try other Team shapes. I believe u're hesitant to change team shape below flexible. Also, use playmaker(s) at the right place. N are u sure your players are compatible with those Instructions? They dont need to have great attributes or high stars rating. just having required attributes "enough" is fine. Assessing your team is one the most important part of this game. I took like hours at day 1 when managing a new club just for assessing my whole squad. Have u? there are ways to compensate for your "high press". it doesnt need to be control or higher.
  7. U basically just throw your players upfront. Ofc both IFs would be more attack-minded since even with support duty, winger position receive more mentality distributed to them compared to their central counterpart except at highly structured. Your problems are crystal clear tbh. Also what i meant with "try something new" isnt about formation at all. U can keep using 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. just, change the way u see how possession works in this game
  8. nope, i have no problem with my fullbacks even in a 4-3-3 (or 4-1-2-3 DM Wide to be exact) formation. It's just, i got bored using that formation for years. and U got tons of instructions on your team. A very High Defensive line in a Control mentality setting. No wonder your players tends to pass the ball to him. Bet u're using either fluid or very fluid too? anyway. your problem is how high u ask your team to play. Try to make some distance from back to front using a more structured mentality can possibly help if u're insist on using a the highest defensive line n control mentality
  9. this "phenomenon" is actually a common thing for those who've been tinkering with possession playstyle. I've seen this countless time before finally found out how to solve it. Because of the nature of his position, a fullback is hardly noticed, so naturally it is not rare to see a fullback being unmarked. That is a fullback's selling point. So when u gave so many possession-oriented instructions, either TIs or PIs, your player will naturally pass the ball to someone unmarked to retain possession. I personally think nothing's wrong with the game. Rather than, blaming samper (he is a good player i feel sorry for him ) it's better to rewatching your previous matches, the ones have that phenomenon occured. Think again, feel how each mentality setting n each instructions change your tactic as a whole. I just started a new save using Bournemouth like 2 days ago since accidentaly discovered how to play a possession style with 4-4-2 formation at my previous save. Clearly having someone like samper will be a great bless to me My Fullbacks are Simon Francis and Charlie Daniels (subtituted by Adam Smith). From this prozone match analysis we can clearly see that Francs, Daniels, n Smith received many passes at wide area. Now compare that with this: from 3 Fullbacks, only Francis sent 3 successful crosses (1 became an assist) n 8 failed crosses. Both Daniels n Smith sent no crosses at all despite how many times they received the ball at wide area. So only 1 CCC out of 7 CCCs came from crossing. The rest were coming from central area, either by through passes or simple short passes. Im using a very fluid system, in a 4-4-2, with bournemouth candidate. I dont care, i only care what happens on the pitch. It might be stupid at the tactical screen but If it works, then it aint stupid. True that a player's quality can make differences. But still, it's come back to u as the manager. Try something new. This 4-4-2 too is my recent discovery, my personal discovery since it was purely an accident because i was trying to play a counter attacking football but again ended up with a possession football
  10. there nothing wrong with trying something out of the box. In fact he is not the first one https://fmcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/exploiting-space-the-inverse-wing-back/ Depends on the whole tactic but a fullback (I mean a position, not a role) is relatively unnoticed by his opposition at the early of build-up phase. I did it once n it was not a narrow tactic but a wide one instead. the plan was to stretch the pitch using more advanced players who play wider, pulling opposition's players along with them. Then the inverse wing back would cut inside with or without the ball n he was mostly unmarked at this point. My fullback back then has some PPMs: Moves into channels, Cuts Inside, Runs with ball through the middle n Play's one-two. It was quite successful but yeah it is hard to find (or develop) this kind of player
  11. n here i am, not sure of what kind of question u actually ask. Do u just want to win, or to play some kind of playstyle or what? Remember, always ask the game first, whether u made mistake or not the best way to ask for advices here is to try what u can try first which is play some matches with your idea translated into a tactic in your own perception. Then collect informations, find out what makes you not satisfied or your concern, then post here a clear question like "i wanna play a quick counter attack style but ended up playing different playstyle" or "im conceded too many from crosses" or "my front 3 is struggling to score" along with any necessary informations like team shape, mentality settings, each player's role n duty, etc.
  12. for my 2nd question, the main question wasnt Hazard's instructions but why u gave the DL with an attack duty even though in practice it seems not quite compatible with Hazard in front of him perhaps but yea waiting for more updates first
  13. for my 2nd question, the main question wasnt Hazard's instructions but why u gave the DL with an attack duty even though in practice it seems not quite compatible with Hazard in front of him perhaps but yea waiting for more updates first
  14. I was about to suggest u to move oscar down to the Midfield strata but seems u've done your homework. Some questions from me 1. Do u really need to use a higher Tempo setting as the main foundation? From what I've been trying in numerous matches, putting a Role+Duty that attracts more through pass from teammates (RMD, IF-A, P-A, CF-S/A etc) in the right places can also generate a quick transition. Lets say a single striker as CF-A while the rest of his teammates are on support or defense duty. My reason is, as you're using Chelsea, a big side with a very tight schedule, dont u find it difficult to keep your players fit through a whole season? Attacking mentality is fast-paced by default, imagine using a higher tempo+attacking mentality at hot weather. Perhaps a rotation system can help since u can get many players for the first team. But still, if a key player or worse, more than 1 key players get injured because of how physically demanding your system, it can possibly affect the title race isnt it? I myself using an attacking mentality but I prefer any tempo setting beyond normal are considered situational options 2. I dont know what instructions u gave to Eden Hazard but he seems to play wide enough .So, what is your reason, to give the left fullback an attack duty? what kind of support he can offer to Hazard? Take a look at how streched your defense. The gap between your DCL n DL is quite big Imagine if oscar lose the ball at this point (U didnt post more screenshots from the match against Liverpool so i dont know for sure how is putting oscar at the MC slot affect your transition) 3. Any plans against teams who stubbornly keeping possession n retaining the ball while sitting deep n compact, waiting for chance?
  15. u're exactly my opposite. been playing possession football for years but since now im trying to use small clubs I need to learn counter attacking system. Srsly, whenever i made a counter attack-intented tactic, it would ended up a possession tactic Lookking forward for your analysis
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