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  1. Well for what it's worth my views are that the game feels great at the moment. Few minor niggles as I'm not keen on the skin, but thats something that can be fixed on the release.
  2. Personally I'm thinking of Red Bull Leipzig to challenge and build a dynasty. Possible Leyton Orient or Hartlepool. And def one of Notts Forest, Derby, Aston villa or Wolves, to re build them back to former glory.
  3. thanks for that, but i can't see anywhere, where it says kits instead of badges on the match day screen, sorry if I have missed it
  4. Hi just wondered if its possible anyway to keep the original skin, but have kits showing instead of badges on the match screen, where the text is.
  5. hi what would be the best setup for fm on my Macbook pro it is 2.7ghz intel core i5, 8gb 1886 Mhz ddr 3, and an intel iris graphics 6100 1536 mb , any replys much appreciated
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