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  1. Cheers! It's not that important, but still annoying as you say. Klopp on which of his players could become managers: "The English guys. Milner, Hendo and Lallana. Gini, for sure could do it if he wants it. He also mentions Lovren (multilingual), and Robbo and Trent in the far future. (Source: the new 10 minute video interview with Sky)." He recently spoke of Gini as the diplomat in the squad, and here Klopp singles him out as someone who "for sure" could become a manager in the future. I think there's a strong case for him being one of our team leaders.
  2. I think Gini has more flair than the other two, which is one of the reasons why he's also thrived in more offensive positions on the pitch. He does some crazy turns at times, whereas Hendo and Milner are more industrious and predictable. Another thing with Gini that has to be an error made by a former researcher at one point: He has Arsenal, Man Utd (!), Barcelona and Real Madrid as his favorite clubs. I couldn't find any quote or interview that supports this. I suggest those all be removed. - Firmino could have Liverpool added as a favorite club, he seems to really enjoy playing here and has a special connection with the fans. - I've mentioned previously that Milner actually speaks quite a bit of spanish. He only speaks spanish to his kids, and understood the curse words Messi vented towards him in our game vs them. Should at least have adequate mastery of it in the game. - Jordan Henderson still has 25/100 points as Man Utd fan. Should be removed. - Joe Gomez is a 100% Arsenal supporter in the game. Maybe he used to be, but I doubt very much he supports our rivals now. Edit: Ben Woodburn's mental stats (including determination) could be reduced some. (Most are in the range of 14-15, where I feel 11-12s would be more appropriate). We haven't seen much that indicates that he's a top class professional yet. Van Dijk's 10 in loyalty is a bit harsh. He was clearly too good for the club he was in, it was his ambition rather than his lack of loyalty that made him attempt to force a move. Though I can see how it can be interpreted differently.
  3. One thing I always notice with Liverpool is that they always buy Alex Grimaldo when I play as other clubs. They then rotate him and Robertson before phasing Robertson out. On a sidenote, just checked Gini Wijnaldum's profile in my save and he's a supporter of both Arsenal and Man Utd?! (Barcelona & Real Madrid too, for that matter. Weird).
  4. Some thoughts and suggestions on Liverpool (we really should have our own thread...): In general I think it's time for Liverpool to shine as the league's "Mentality giants". Liverpool's players should have the league's highest mental stats (including determination), the highest work rate, team work, stamina ,and most of them with good leadership abilities (unlike Arsenal for example). Might be we do already, but worth a look. Harvey Elliott looks to be a much more exciting talent than Brewster or Hoever (the three of them have -85 in potential. Not so sure if that's warranted for Brewster anymore, he hasn't impressed anyone, including Klopp). Neco Williams is not a fully natural right back in the game, and has very bad stats. Guessing you did some changes here already though. Guessing Curtis Jones got an upgrade as well? Very low CA now compared to someone like Millar/Kane. Wijnaldum's flair rating should be much higher than Hendo and Milner's, it isn't atm. He's done a couple of crazy Cruyff-moves under pressure at times. I think his leadership ability should go up as well, he's very tactically astute and has been getting praise for his leadership abilities. He's become somewhat of a veteran player, especially for his national team. I feel 11 is too low for him. (Still on the quest to make you keep improving Gini ) I think Robbo's potential could go down a bit, and his current ability up a bit. I don't think he has the potential to improve much IRL - he's perfect as he is. His professionality rating could go up even further to keep it that way. Origi could have temperament: 20. Most chill guy ever according to everyone. Milner said so in his book as well. https://twitter.com/OliverKay/status/1202350379545120771/photo/1
  5. Kreshnik Krasniqi debuted in the First Division (Obosligaen) as a 14 year old
  6. It might seem a bit silly to post this after he just had a great game, but I think Trent deserves to have some of his abilities be a bit more "extreme". I'd say he has world class ability when it comes to passing, crossing, and technique (which is of course related to the other two skills). Only KDB can hit the same type of crosses Trent does in the league. His first touch is also getting near "extreme" levels, with him showing over and over again how he can recieve extremely difficult passes in very refined ways. I suggest raising his following attributes: Crossing 18 (17), Passing 17 (16), Technique 17 (15), First touch 16 (15), Stamina 14 (13). On a sidenote, KDB also has 17 technique, but I believe it would be warranted to raise his to 18. I still think that his acceleration, pace, flair and dribbling shouldn't be particularily high, as he's not the type of player who dances ahead of his opponents. He needs space to thrive.
  7. Hope so, I feel like it's a very reasonable request at least!
  8. Thousands of players in the database are wrongly tuned at one particular thing: their mastery of the English language. Currently a great deal of players players are lacking this, with some not speaking the language at all, and others only having "basic" skills in the game. Scandinavians, and Dutchmen ought all be at least good enough to be regarded as "Good" at English in the game, with many (most?) also being "Fluent". Young people especially (which footballers are) excel at speaking English due to all the exposure on tv/videogames/etc when growing up, as well as good English education. You should change the database so that it's not dependant on individual researchers to fix this (it's easy to forget). Suggestion: Implement a fix that automatically makes all players with Scandinavian or Dutch nationality automatically have "English" in languages spoken, with "Good" as a basis for everyone. Players who have "fluent" should keep their ability.
  9. James Milner should have Spanish added at "basic understanding" (at least). He's had Spanish lessons, and have been speaking Spanish at home to teach his kids (and himself) in the last 2-3 years. He also noted in an interview that he understood all of Messi's insults toward him in the game vs Barcelona. Wijnaldum should have a point or two more in his flair rating than Hendo and Milner. The other two are more industrious, while Gini has more in his package. (See the Cruyf turn vs Barcelona for example).
  10. I agree that Trent's left foot rating should go up. He's far more comfortable with his left, than Salah is with his right for example. Salah usually tries very hard to avoid using his weaker foot, both when dribbling and shooting, to the point of spoiling chances because he wants to swap the ball to his left foot - Trent however rarely swaps the ball to his favoured foot, but rather passes (short or long) with his left. Salah does have some goals with his right foot, but they are usually always tap-ins and from very close range - something pretty much all players can do even if they're bad with their other foot. Even Riise scored a few with his right
  11. Feel free to test the team I'm the researcher for, Egersund (Egersunds IK). The player squad is up to date, with updated PPMs, as well as youth players. Some small fixes (contracts etc) is coming for the official release date (hopefully). It's one of the best teams in the Norwegian second divison, but they somehow never manage to achieve promotion, with two 2nd places, a 3rd, and a 4th in recent times. The club has relatively good facilities and coaches, two of the very best strikers in the league (Markus Naglestad scored a record amount of goals this season, and Bob Sumareh somewhat of a legend in the division), so it probably won't be too hard to achieve promotion if a player manages them.
  12. I'm the researcher for Egersund - I sent a mail to my head researcher what changes needs to be made for Egersund - if any higher ups see this feel free to change it directly if there's time before official release! New contracts for players and staff: Bubacarr Sumareh to 31.12.2020 (signed 18.10.19) Deniss Korneiciks to 31.12.2020 (signerd (20.10.19) Marcel Wawrzynkiewicz to 31.12.2021 (signed 19.10.19) Markus Naglestad to 31.12.2020 (signed 28.10.19) Chris Sleveland to 31.12.2020 (signed 25.10.19) Nikolai Larsen Berg to 31.12.2020 (signed 26.10.19) Manager, Ojan Bijan to 31.12.2020 (signed 01.11.19) Player transfer: Ermal Hajdari from Levanger (signed 27.10.19), contract to 31.12.2020 (25 games 7 goals this season if you want to write in history from the season that was). Staff released: Player/Assistant Manager Are Strømland New staff: New Assistant Manager, Aleksander Midtsian. Signed from Brodd, where he was manager. Signed contract 29.10.19, contract to 31.12.2020. Edit: The stadium, Idrettsparken, has the wrong capacity. It's not an 5300 capacity all seater stadium. In the XLS sheet I sent in I specified the capacity to be 2600, with 500 seats. Expansion capacity at 5300.
  13. Thanks for responding - I have to emphasise again that I think you're doing a very good job, I agree that parts of my post was unnessecary. Passion trumps reason sometimes! It's a good point to make that looking at single attributes doesn't tell the whole picture. One can score a lot of headers from having good mental stats as you say. I agree that Gomez can go further, and should have higher PA than Matip. To me this is a case of "should the game reflect the current reality, or be a mix between current form and the form of the last 3 years"? It's hard to juggle, but I lean more toward that if you show good form for over 6 months (which Matip has done now I believe), that should be reflected in the game. He's our clear first choice IRL, with Klopp even preferring Lovren over Gomez lately. But when I start up a FM20 game, there's no reason not to pick Gomez since he has similar CA, and more room for development. --- Of course, Matip doesn't necessarily need to have his attributes increased. Gomez could have his reduced a bit to reflect him struggling a bit this season. Ox has barely played for us, but I can remember at least 5 really good long range goals - which is pretty impressive considering how few games he's played. Just recently he's had three beautiful goals from outside the box (2x Genk and 1x Arsenal). Ox said recently that Klopp was urging him to shoot more too. Do we have any other player that we want to shoot outside the box as much as Ox? I see that Salah has 15 in Long shots, but I feel like he's scored fewer long range goals, especially if you take into consideration how many games Salah has played in comparison. Of Salah's first 50 goals, only 3 were outside the box. And one of those was vs an open goal. (https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/335035-mohamed-salah-50-premier-league-goals-stats)
  14. Adrian seems to be a bit weirdly tuned. 17 eccentricy and 1 flair? 15 agility and 12 strength? I see him more as "balanced" in terms of agility and strength, and not overly in the agile camp. I also think Fabinho, while of course very good ingame, could increase his attributes even further. He's among our elite players now, in the same category as Salah/Mane/Bobby/Alisson/Van Dijk imo. It wouldn't be inaccurate to raise many of his 14-15 attributes up to 16. (Strength, passing, work rate, team work, concentration, decisions, crossing). He's playing like a ballwinner and a deep lying playmaker simultanously, and doing it excellently.
  15. Robertson is actually really fast. Much faster than Trent, and often uses his acceleration and pace to get past players. I've never seen him lose a sprint duel, while Trent gets beaten for pace by players who aren't even particularily fast at times. Agree that Gini's stamina is too low, among other stats. If you compare him to Hendo, they have similar flair rating for example. Gini has 10x more flair than Hendo!
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