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  1. Thoughts on players after Liverpool's season: Firmino, while often lauded, has been pretty inconsistent this season. In many games his passing has been atricious, with several misplaced passes in a row. Suggestion: Lower his consistency and either vision or passing rating. Wijnaldum is still underrated in the game, which he's been for a long time. His "Balance" stat should be world class, it's almost impossible to take the ball from him. Extremely good at shielding the ball. His Heading rating at 12 is also too low, he's a great header of the ball, which he always shows when he gets the opportunity (like vs Barcelona). Sadio Mane's heading ability (8!) is also incredibly underrated. Deserved a 5 point raise there at least. Scored many great headers this season. Clyne's performances for Bournemouth this season proved everyone who complained about him being way too good in the game right. He's just not that good anymore, a very limited footballer. Milner is great, but throughout the season it was starting to get more and more apparent that he's not quite at Fabinho/Gini/Hendo's level. Getting slower and slower - should probably have an overall slight decrease of stats to not make him quite as viable as the others in the next season. I'll also repeat my previous suggestion that Matip is the one that should have the "brings ball out of defence" PPM, not Van Dijk. On a sidenote: Why don't you have PL club specific threads anymore? I feel like it would be more logical to have a "League one" thread, and a "League two" thread, and Club-specific threads for the PL clubs, rather than the opposite which is the case now.
  2. Playing in the Norwegian league, and a player called Markus Naglestad, whom I recently sold to Lillestrøm in the third season - is 2-1 favorite to be the top league's top scorer. His stats are equivalent to that of a player in the second highest division. Far worse than the top strikers in the top league. He had a very good season in the 2nd division (third highest division), scoring one goal per match in average, but that shouldn't be enough to warrant such low odds?
  3. There are far too many Scandinavians who only have "basic" English skills in the game. I'd argue that most Scandinavians, especially young adults, speak English as near fluently as possible. It's always rather silly that you're given the option of sending Norwegians and Swedes on a language course when they arrive at your club - very unrealistic. Haven't checked players from other countries, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same case in The Netherlands? (The best non-native English speaking country just ahead of the Scandinavian ones). Change suggestion: Don't leave it to individual researchers to set this stat. All Scandinavians (and Dutchmen) should have a very high rating in their English language as a standard.
  4. Hard to argue that Mane is overrated with the form he's in lately. If you disregard penalty goals he's the (joint) top scorer in the league.
  5. Van Dijk has the PPM "Brings ball out of defense", Matip does not. However, Matip does this more than Van Dijk.
  6. A few thoughts on Liverpool: The easiest change, and one I think everyone can agree with, is that Salah's right foot rating at 9 is waaay too high. He's one of the most onefooted player we've had since Riise. I've mentioned this before, not sure why it didn't go down further. Mane also has his "wrong" foot rated at 9, but unlike Salah he's actually capable with it. Salah's rating overall is probably a bit too high after his fantastic last season. He still scores a lot of goals, but his overall play leaves a lot to be desired. If you look at the season overall, he's been pretty dissapointing in a lot of games. Even many of the ones he's scored in. The front three has 15-15-14 in their passing abilities. This season however their short passing game has been pretty damn bad. So many easy passes missed. Firmino had a game recently where he missed like 4-5 passes in a row.
  7. Thoughts on Liverpool after half a season: Moreno is too good in the game. He needs to have many of his stats reduced by 2-3 points. If you compare Robertson and Moreno's mental stats, Robertson is only in a very slight lead by 1-2 points in nearly everything. In reality, Moreno's anticipation, concentration, composure and especially decisions should be far below Robertson's. Robertson is very good in the game, but he deserves to be even better. I don't think it's hyperbole to call him one of the 2-3 left backs in the world the last year. His vision is really underrated in the game, he has a very good eye for picking out passes. I suggest raising it by 2-3 points. Decisions should go up, he's probably one of the best decisionmakers in the league. Usually always makes the right decisions. Wijnaldum - I've argued for this earlier, and I think it's been proven throughout the season that he's more important to us than Milner and Hendo are, both are better than him in the game. I've previously noted that I think Balance is his best attribute, and could go up some points. His stamina could be increased as well. Lallana seems to have lost some pace. Should probably be reduced to back where it used to be (I do believe people convinced the researcher slightly boost it some time ago). Not sure if his "Arrives late in opponent's area" PPM is accurate anymore? Mane - 15 finishing, 15 composure, 14 decisions, 14 vision is probably a bit too generous. If he was that good IRL he'd score a lot more goals, and get a lot more assists than he does. He still hasn't scored more than 13 goals in a season for us. Decreasing those attributes, and increasing pace (1 point) and strength (1-2 points) would make him more similar to how he is irl I think. Clyne - Definitely needs to have his stats decreased. There's a reason Klopp haven't used him in ages. I understand why people like him, but for me he's a very limited and simple footballer. I'd reduce his dribbling ability, and his physical stats in general. He has 13 STR while Robertson has 10. Does not compute. Cheers
  8. Looking at Liverpool in the editor: I thought Robertson had too big of a gap between his current ability and his potential ability. He's already playing out of his mind irl, I would be really surprised if he could play even better. His current ability was also slightly too low, he's been performing as a top class PL fullback for a long time now. Solution: I gave him +1 stats where it was warranted, and raised his CA. Lowered his PA as well. Moreno's reputation was higher than Robertson's, so I lowered that along with his CA by a couple of points (mental stats were lowered to accompany that change). I made Gini a viable alternative to Hendo by raising his CA up to his level. Mental stats along with Balance and Pace was increased a bit. Noticed we don't have any top world class talents outside of the first team, but that's sadly fair. Again, good job!
  9. Robertson is a natural wingback in the game, but he didn't seem to like playing there for Scotland. There was an interview where he said that even though he'd played there before, he had to learn to play in that role because it didn't feel comfortable (or something like that). I think Salah should be even worse with his right foot than he currently is. He's very onefooted. Not sure if Clyne deserves the trait "Gets forward whenever possible". To me that's more our tactics than Clyne's natural instinct. If Clyne has it, then Gomez should too imo. Sturridge's ambition level could be lowered. Seems to be happy to play a backup role.
  10. Keeping up with my crusade at encouraging Gini buffs: Wijnaldum was only behind Van Dijk when their teammates voted who should captain the team last game. I suggest boosting his leadership stat by some points, it's at a measly 9 at the moment. 16 players in our team currently have more leadership ability than him. I've noticed he's good at directing his teammates during games as well. Klopp uses him a lot to convey instructions to the rest of the team.
  11. Liverpool - First of all great job overall. The Liverpool researcher is doing a really good job. Some minor things I'd change: I know it's hard to argue in favour in this when you look at the amount of goals he scored - but I don't think Salah's finishing ability reflects reality. At 18 atm, it's his best stat in the game. He's just insanely good at getting space and creating good opportunities for himself. His finishing ability, while good, isn't spectacular. I'd take it down to 14 or 15. Andy Robertson's best stat should be "Decisions", up from 14 to 17 or 18. It's reflected in many things, but an example would be in the amount of good chances he creates compared to TAA. They both have similar crossing abilities, but Robertson always chooses the correct moments to do a cross. I also don't think he's slower than Clyne (15-15 vs 16-16), I'd switch those around. Composure and Concentration could also go up even more, based on how he's been playing the last year. Clyne and Moreno, as people note, are a bit too good in the game. Moreno's composure and concentration could be lowered even more, and Clyne's physical stats as previously noted could be a reduced a bit. Gini Wijnamdum's best stat should be "Balance". It's almost become his signature move that he's impossible to get the ball off, incredibly steady at his feet. 15 to 18. Like I've previously mentioned, he's actually a really good header of the ball also. I think he's mentioned this in interviews himself, that it's something he practised a lot when he was younger. I guess it's hard to "verify" this since we usually aim our corners at the big centre backs. Keep up the good work!
  12. A bit sad to see no proper discount for people who own all previous versions of FM. I like the thing you did with FM17 where you got 5% discount for each version you own up to 25%. I also think club researchers all over the world should get a good discount. Without them (us) there is no proper Football Manager, imo.
  13. My biggest let down is that the game itself feels a lot slower. I get a 2 second delay when clicking on a player in the squad before the player screen appears.
  14. Sorry for bump, but does them being in an unseen league mean that they will never hire a new manager and staff until they get promoted? Which leads me to another problem. Just looking at the stats of the players (pretty much everyone has over 7 in average ratings, several over 8, and they score a lot of goals), it's clear they're dominating their league. For some reason they never get promoted though.
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