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  1. Summary: Game stuck at kick off. Description of Issue/Steps to Reproduce: Have no idea how to reproduce. I added two gifs. FM-stuck-pikijakob.gif FM-stuck2-pikijakob.gif
  2. Summary: In one game I could only made 2 substitutions. Third one was rejected by popup window (no more substitutions) Description of Issue/Steps to Reproduce: In 66 minute of the game I change a player by clicking assistant recomendation (Do it). But Player stayed on the field. Then I check tactics and I see that players did not switch, but subs icon was presented in tactics list. In next step I drag&drop players and subs was successful, but like I see in some minutes it counted as a second substitution. Files Uploaded: Schalke 04 (v03).fm Version: 21.2.0-1499632 (m.e. 21.
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