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  1. Really poor SI. Really poor. I've requested a refund of the subscription amount directly from Google. Not used to this sort of bad service from SI or Sega to be honest.
  2. I have signed up for the year subscription with Google Play, and have confirmed it is still active, but I am now getting adverts and notices to ask me to subscribe to see some of the data. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the latest version of Android available to me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the FMdb app three or four times and getting the same problem. If this cannot be fixed then I will require a refund of the amount I've paid.
  3. In my experience it's created people, as in players, managers, staff, etc. Any people you can create with the editor will not be in the game.
  4. Ah good, I'm glad it's not just me. I made a new club, set up all the stadium and finances and they are all okay in the game. But none of the staff or players I made and put into the team in the editor are there in the game at all. Most odd. I've been messing about with the editor for the last few years and I couldn't see what I was doing wrong this time! Hopefully it's a pretty easy bug to fix
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