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  1. I can't find anything to help me with understanding this further. I'd like to think someone is further ahead of myself maybe in the same situation who can assure me of a new stadium?
  2. No it just says: Affiliate Club: Completed Youth Facilities: Completed Training Facilities: Completed Affiliate Club: Completed Also the tab on the drop down menu for board requests no longer shows stadium, so i can t enquire either.
  3. I was hoping for some more insight, I received an inbox telling me the club had announced plans to build a new stadium, the picture had blueprints and all the information like Capacity, Roof, Under-soil Heating, surface, Training facilities, youth facilities, and about 2 or 3 more all with ":TBC" next to it all. That was two seasons ago. I haven't received any further news on it, nor can I ask my board requesting expansion or have a new build. I'm at Chelsea in 2030/2031 season. The stadium was "rebuilt" in 2001 and it's maxed out over the years with two expansions for 60,000 capacity. Thanks for reading, is there anyone that can give me some clarification on this and when I will be likely to receive more info from the board on this.
  4. Hi all i was curious, I had an inbox message to say that the board have announced plans to build a new stadium (2027) however, it has tbc next to all possible bits of info on it; time taken, seats, roof, under-soil heating, and about 5 more, but now I've lost the bit of news 7months ahead of the "announcement" I still have no indication of when this might be. Can anyone help me find some information related to this? I don't believe it's a bug, just a conspiracy!!! Lol
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