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  1. That depends. What is the reputation of your team (Boreham Wood), the reputation of the competition, the reputation of the teams you are playing, and how are you doing in the league?
  2. It can go up quickly. After my 1st season with FC Halifax Town in League 1 my average ticket price went from £27 to £40.
  3. The same thing happened to me with Halifax. Once I got into League 2, I was getting occasional interview offers but once I got into League 1 I was getting interview offers every week.
  4. The only stupid thing I did was select my substitute keeper even though my first team keeper was back from his U21 international.
  5. It actually does matter, as although a minor thing, it shows that the media needs to be revised.
  6. It has come to my attention that media in the game are covering wrong teams. BBC Radio Leeds for example, should be covering FC Halifax Town, but are covering the team that went bust, Halifax Town so that FC Halifax Town only get fictional media sources covering the team. This is the same case for Scarborough and Chester, two teams who have also reformed but the old teams get covered, not the new teams.
  7. It's your tac*gunshot* In all seriousness though, it looks like the only way to get him back is to do a system restore.
  8. I did the exact same when Halifax (who I support) loaned Joe Ironside from Sheffield United. Turns out FM overrates him.
  9. I always just take the lowest wage available. Yes, £20 a week does seem unrealistic for a League 1 manager, but it's for the good of the team.
  10. Youth teams to go further than just the U18's. For example, scouting local youth and school teams for very young lads (8 for example) and seeing if they'd be good enough as they grow older.
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