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  1. I believe I may have been the one who made the £3 a week comment. (FYI, it's £2 now!)
  2. I'm on £2 a week with Halifax in the Premier League with my job status bar is at the lowest it can be, and I've never been below 'Very Secure'.
  3. You need to be willing to reduce your wages as well. Should I ever fall into a bad financial situation, I'm already prepared as I'm only on £3 a week in the Premier League. Unrealistic, but it's for the club.
  4. I've watched Halifax play countless times, as I support them.
  5. No. In the full game, your manager must be at least 35, and then there's a 1/10,000 chance of getting a son.
  6. I've had my fullbacks and my keepers got MOM before.
  7. Don't request something that would leave the club in a bad financial situation. I learned that the hard way after I bought The Shay after my first season at Halifax; it left me with a debt that at the time of purchase would have taken about 20+ years to clear(22K a month).
  8. I might be wrong, but I think you have to win every league.
  9. I think you're getting confused as to what 'allow to be promoted from lower leagues' means. It means that your team can be promoted from a non-playable league.
  10. I'm bringing this back! -When you get chosen to be interviewed for this press conference thing in English, you get confused as to why your teacher is puzzled when you asked if you could send your assistant -You don't understand why your mates don't know who Harry Charsley, Joe Rothwell, and Jordan Rossiter (youth players at Everton, Man United and Liverpool respectively) and you say that they should surely know them as they're midfielders at the side who are about to win the Championship, FC Halifax Town (who I manage at the moment on FM) -You become the voice of your supporters, so you sing songs during the match -You are shocked when no one at the club you manage doesn't recognise you as the club's best ever manager when you go to a match -You get bored at school/work/wherever, and you try to press the continue button
  11. I've had a world beater come from the Scottish League 2.
  12. No, it's FM's way of being realistic. Imagine this: You're a hot prospect at Barcelona, even being hailed the new Messi. Why would you want to leave one of the best teams in the world, and go to a team like Aston Villa? Face it, the game's just being realistic.
  13. This is happening for a lot of teams that reformed as well. Chester and Scarborough as just another two affected.
  14. It seems some people can never be happy. One minute people are complaining it being too hard to sell, next minute people are complaint about it being too easy to sell.
  15. I believe a while ago that I raised the issue that media is covering the wrong teams. (e.g Halifax Town FC the team that went bust is under the teams that are covered by BBC Radio Leeds but the reformed team FC Halifax Town are not). I raised this issue before 14.3 was released, so I shouldn't have to remind you.
  16. My regen keeper has, he was labelled the new Joe Hart, but he doesn't get labelled that anymore.
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