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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of a database that goes to the 6th division of Austria? Not been able to find one anywhere. Cheers
  2. So, are you just gonna stop playing once Brexit happens irl then?
  3. Is your ground an all-seater? I presume that's the case though, seeing as you've just upgraded.
  4. No, the mods just don't tolerate admittedly strange behaviour here.
  5. The moment you click continue, the game is no longer a true reflection of reality. You're a few seasons into the game as well, so how do you know that West Ham and Southampton winning the Europa League isn't realistic?
  6. Iirc it's five years for dual nationality, seven for eligibility to play for one of the British national teams.
  7. Only ever seen it develop from 'Feels the two of you could become friends' once, and that was on FM14 when I ended up in Nigel Clough's favoured personnel. No idea why though, cause I don't remember particularly praising him that much. Some great ideas here though.
  8. It's happened to my brother before on a joint save we were doing - he signed Harry Blackburn on loan from Accrington for Blyth and got £7k for giving him his competitive debut. We looked and couldn't find any clause or any previous mention of this in game
  9. Can't say I'm that big of a fan of the regen faces this year tbh, prefer FM15's regen faces by far
  10. Since part-time teams like FC Romania are unable to sign players from abroad on FM, sadly there is no way to correctly replicate FC Romania in game.
  11. Most if not all Conference North (I presume it is the same in the Conference South?) teams have a tunnel for players to come out of; as well as that the players line up before the preliminary handshakes. Whilst many 8th division teams may not have a tunnel (including Brighouse, a team that play across the road from me), the players still line up before the match.
  12. Hope you don't mind looking to include the West Riding County League (11th-13th tier) in a future version
  13. I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but I'll try and answer it anyway. If you're asking why you're supposed to give the ball back, then it's because the other team had the chance to take advantage of having an extra man briefly but instead choose to put the ball out. The team with the injured player then give the ball back, almost as a way of saying thanks. It's just good sportsmanship. If you're asking why it's not happening, it's because the player taking the throw has a low sportsmanship stat.
  14. I know things like Serbia joining the EU on FM are fixed to happen on a certain date, but is there a possibility that for very long term saves that the UK rejoins the EU several years into the future for one of the outcomes?
  15. Could you imagine a real manager coming out and saying 'thanks for ruining my experience lads' after Brexit affects football in a way that disadvantages his current squad?
  16. I imagine what outcome you get will be something hardcoded at the start of the save, not something you can just reload to get a different outcome everytime.
  17. Considering Miles has said several times that they are definitely not including the ability to manage youth teams, no.
  18. Overall I'm happy with that, lots to look forward to. I did notice a potential database error already though with the affiliate between Everton and Southport - as far as I'm aware there's nothing preventing Southport potentially being in the same league as Everton, yet the details of the affiliate shown in the video claim that there is.
  19. I'm quite surprised by the decision to not have Ched Evans on FIFA. He plays football doesn't he? If they're not having him on the game then they might as well not have Luke McCormick on the game, pretty sure Lee Hughes was on FIFA once he served his time as well.
  20. LMA Manager's stadiums were incredibly accurate, if you're thinking of that.
  21. You can have a son in-game if your manager is at least 35. The chance of having a regen son is 1 in 10,000, which could end up with him becoming one of your coaches if you really wanted.
  22. Just one problem that I have noticed after the first season - many teams appear to be converting to all seater grounds, which for some reason reduces the ground capacity for these teams to just 150.
  23. Halifax on FM15. Got us back-to-back promotions to the Premier League before I won it in just our 4th season in the league in 2022.
  24. As far as I know you are allowed to not meet requirements for the first season.
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