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  1. Wallys update

    how up to date on this thread is the beta?
  2. Wallys update

    when do you reckon your next update will be,
  3. Wallys update

    Vladimir Antonov will likely be chairman with Roman Dubov and Chris Akers being Directors and David Lampitt will be kept on as CEO
  4. Wallys update

    Danny Webber Michael Brown Richard Hughes DarylFlahavan Marlon Pack Peter Gregory Tom Kilbey Perry Ryan Ellis Martin Billy Goddard Also any chance of including new owners?
  5. have you now include Pompey's takeover and the released players?
  6. Wallys update

    does it include the released Portsmouth players?
  7. Daz Forbes database

    Quick question do Portsmouth still keep going into Administration during the game?
  8. Forbsie Update

    Thanks for the update, when portsmouth go into admin do they get docked the points as well?
  9. Forbsie Update

    is there anyway of setting it so that chanrai is looking for buyers?