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  1. Nation: Scandinavia, Eastern Europe Division: Top European Competition: Not Needed Media Prediction: Top half Board Expectation(s): Achievable Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Not in trouble Other: Looking to dip outside of the big European leagues. Would prefer a league without draconian foreign player rules, but I can be flexible. Vibrant history is a plus. The second or third team in a 1-team league (or otherwise right outside a clear elite tier) might be a bit of fun.
  2. Does the Play Narrower TI stack on-top of the Sit Narrower PI to make players even more narrow?
  3. I think Finlay looks to get in behind when off the ball, maybe W-A?
  4. Very neat, especially with investigating the Determination*Injury Proneness interaction. I'd also wonder if Adaptability might have some input that is masked by this sample of regens who stay within their country of origin?
  5. Excellent achievement to get so much out of the squad! Swash-and-buckle away!
  6. What are some ways to make third-man runs more likely to happen? Two support duty players in proximity with each other with the third man being an attack duty runner elsewhere?
  7. David Kelvin for Kelvin Davis is brilliant, management has got to love savings on re-doing office nameplates and whatnot by being able to just re-order and change one letter. Nice to see you make it into League football, even if it's not through team promotion, hard-luck on the last couple of years. Surely Chester miscalculated there with that move.
  8. What does Pattison look like? Good to see Jacobs back and scoring goals, and nice that Barber is keeping it up.
  9. Good month! 7 in 7 for Barber, not bad. Pattison doing well too.
  10. I was just thinking about the Liverpool Plan A/B/C tactics from the Mentality Ladder thread, those really helped with comprehension of the ideas in the thread.
  11. Excited for this! Holding off on a longer-term save until it comes out (and so I can keep guys fit through Reserve matches to mitigate injury plagues), but I've definitely enjoyed doing some testing to figure out who I want to play with. Thinking about doing two saves, a top-level one with either Sporting KC or Real Salt Lake (playing a narrow 442 diamond, of course) and an amateur one with my local team (Dover).
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