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  1. The tone of the original post doesn't matter. You are a moderator, therefore held to a higher standard.
  2. Manchester United. My brother is playing as Chelsea. First season I used Marcelo's version of the tactic until it stopped working (away games killed morale), then I switched to the normal tactic. Won the league, and got to the Champions League Final. Second season, struggled pretty badly for the first third of the season. Switched to Marcelo's tactic, enjoyed the attacking play, but got tired of giving up goals. That's when I made my changes. Went from 14th place and ended up in 4th. Chelsea won the league. This season I'm about 18 games in, and have 1 loss and 3 draws so far. So far, so good.
  3. That's exactly why I made my tweaks - to shore up the defense a bit. Give it a shot, it might work out for you.
  4. I've made some tweaks to this, based on Marcelo's version. Mostly CM based, keep them from going too far forward, so they can help recycle possession and keep passing options open. Great results for me so far. http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/djr_steaton.tac
  5. I've only lost one game since the patch - a friendly vs AV. I've only let in two goals in official competitions http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/img/LDH6.png
  6. I have a lot of problems with it on FM13, very inconsistent
  7. No, I never touch tempo. I do however slightly adjust the global mentality on a rare occasion.
  8. Curious if you guys have played any more games, and what kind of success you're having?
  9. This tactic is a modified version of MAGiCK_FOOTBALL's tactic (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/295728-Total-Football-Tic-Tac-Magick-%28The-return-Part-2%29). Many thanks go out to him for his work. I feel that this tactic is different enough that that it warrents its own thread. I've been working on this for a while now, and so far I've had nothing but success. The formation is a 41223 (no striker, so 460 literally). This is the way I personally feel that Barcelona line up - with Messi as a False 9. However I won't say this is "yet another Barcelona clone". It's different enough in its own right. Formation: http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/img/bAT0.png One season example: Results: http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/img/Hqji.png - http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/img/AV0j.png League table: http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/img/Inw9.png This formation should theoretically work for lower league teams, since it isn't too attacking, too defensive, or use too high of a tempo. However, the large amount of closing down might tire out players with a low workrate, or stamina. Main differences between this tactic and MAGiCK's: * Formation - Messi is central, but rarely leads the line. With this match engine, when you move the ST to AMC, sometimes one of the wingers move forward to lead the line. This allows the ST/AMC to drop deep and become a part of the buildup play. * Fullbacks - Forward Runs is set to always. This doesn't provide a problem for defense, since there's a DMC. Fullbacks rarely both go forward at the same time. Since the fullbacks are higher up the pitch more often, you'll find that you win the ball back higher up the pitch as well. When you lose possession, you're more likley to win it back quickly. * Central MC moved to DMC - Helps with defense, and when fullbacks move forward. Helps retain ball posesssion. * Tempo - It seems that when running a 460, low tempo doesn't work very well. Your players will dally on the ball and lose it when under pressure. A higher tempo results in moving the ball around more often, looking for that killer pass. * Wingers - Crossing is up a bit. You'll get a few more assists from wingers with nice square passes to the AMC. * Roaming - No roaming on anyone but the wingers. Helps retain shape. * Mentality - Global. All players are on the same mentality (10). I feel this helps keep shape, and retain the ball. Also isn't "too attacking", or "too defensive". * Corner routine - there's a corner routine set up. Near post, with your striker as the short option. This helps retain ball possession if your CB ends up with the ball at his feet, rather than his head. He'll drop the ball back to the striker. * AMC - The AMC has "run with ball" and "forward runs" set to often. RWB often means he'll be a constant threat when he gets the ball. Forward runs lets him get forward to occasionally lead the line when the ball is out wide. * Thin up front, wide in the back - Since the fullbacks push forward, the wingers have no choice but to cut inside. This gives you more "goalscorers" in and around the box, while providing good width outside. * Flexibility - since I'm using a global mentality here, it means that you can make your entire team slightly more attacking, or slightly more defensive just by moving the team mentality slider. Normally you shouldn't have to touch this, but you may on a rare occasion. What you should expect to see: * Possession - however, you won't see 100+ passes by any players, since this uses a higher tempo. You should end up with a pretty large amount of possession, though (60+). * Creative, clean build up - With safe, yet creative passing. Plenty of throughballs from the AMC to the wingers. * Domination - you should end up dominating most of your matches in possession, shots, shots on target, and clear cut chances. * Pressure - constant pressure. Lose the ball? Your players should work to get it back ASAP, higher up the pitch. Players needed: Creative - Your AMC should be a creative striker. Think Giussepe Rossi. Good on the ball, good dribbling, good passing, but good enough to take on a defender on his own. Wingers - Both wingers "cut inside". I've found both normal wingers, and inside forwards both work quite well in this position. The Wingers will get more assists (crosses), while the inside forwards will get more goals (cutting inside). Quick wingers are a plus, but not required. The MCR is the playmaker. This probably isn't even needed, since focused passing is "mixed", however I haven't really tested that. Please give this tactic a shot, and give me any input you have. Let me know if you aren't seeing what I expect you to see, and I can make some tweaks. Download: http://box.nevernet.com/~djr/flow.tac
  10. #2 is not actually true - it may push the CM's out a bit wider in the formation screen, but the match engine doesn't care. The CM's will go out wide to cover the flanks regardless of there being a DM or not. The DM gives a bit more stability at the back, and also provides more passing options for the DC's and FB's. In regards to #1 - the DM will do push forward anyway, if there's no opposition AMC to mark. If it's a flat 2 or 3 man midfield, he'll step forward when the opposition has the ball.
  11. I think you misread my question :| I'm not asking about AMC -> MC. I'm asking about MC -> DM
  12. I've asked this before, and never gotten an answer - is there any particular reason you prefer to have the defensive minded midfielder at CM, rather than DM?
  13. link worked fine for me http://www.filefront.com/14784795/TB-FM10-tester.2-Man-Utd-Jul-2009.tac/
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