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  1. In old FM games to appear in League stats for average rating etc, players needed to have played in at least 50% of their side's league games. I can't seem to work out what the qualification is this edition. My star player has started in 19 of our 31 games and doesn't appear in the ratings. Other players that have started (or even appeared) in less seem to appear. Is it now based on minutes (I often take my star off if we're winning etc), or is it something else?
  2. This has happened to me too! No editor files to start with, after the start I used the real name and German national team fix? I think I started with MLS as background and it seems to have been taken off background when I added other active leagues? I've added it back as active and hoping next season games start again
  3. Everyone referencing realism as the reason for not having the game ready by August, but to me it feels less realistic starting a season 3 months after it has in real life. Injuries, form etc are all way different than real life. I like being able to start my games from the point I am in real life at the start. Chelsea could lose the first 6 games of the season in real life, and in November they could be in all sorts of trouble, yet I start my FM game, and they win their first 10 games. This especially negates MrPompey's point about getting "realistic" First XIs compared to real life - as by November so much has potentially changed. The other option - which I know will never happen due to the might dollar, is being able to start a game from a season later than the season start date in the system. At the end of the day my point remains that I get really excited about starting a new game of Football Manager this time of year; but I don't want to start from August of the season prior, and by the time it's November, so much has happened in real life it's harder for me to get stuck right into a game.
  4. Does anyone else think that SI are missing out a bit release FM so late each year? By November, when the game comes out, the start of season buzz has died down a bit in my eyes. If they can't get the game out by August, perhaps they should wait 20 months for a release one year, and have it released at the start of August. I much prefer to play from the start of the season - and I like the start of my season to have happened before it has in real life. Transfers etc can easily be corrected with updates etc, so that's no excuse. It really frustrates me every year, that when the season starts, and I'm pumped up for football, I can't play from the start of the season which has just started...I have to wait 4 months, and by then I'm a little over it - and if a side is going really poorly in real life at that stage of the season, and start smashing it in Football Manager, it also loses my interest a little. If I'm always "in the future" in my game, I don't get that same feeling. But really the main point is being able to start the season in game that's being started in real life.
  5. My cursor also isn't displaying, but only in Windows mode. It has nothing to do with trails, as I have them off already. Also tried turning off GPU rendering, but it made no difference. Reading around, this seems to have been a recurring issue for a few years now.
  6. Any chance of this being ported to FM2014? I know it's early days, but that would be awesome. I like playing in the A-League, but a proper AFC Cup adds so much to the game. Not to mention the national team tournaments, and the few Aussies that play in the J-League
  7. Just to be annoying, any chance in combining the downloads?
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