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  1. Having the same issue in terms of purchasing from in the game once I add to cart.
  2. Custom jerseys created in Create-A-Club are not used in the in game match engine.
  3. I believe it means stopper. I have used it a few times in FM16 so far.
  4. Just got mine with a former youth candidate vs Barcelona in the champs league knockouts. Scored all 6 in the home leg.
  5. Completely agree that stats are secondary to results, but I think they also give another perspective to team performances. England statistically performed well, but clearly did not have a good showing. These rankings are not meant to overrule any sort of "eye test". I also agree that 3 games is by no means a large enough sample to judge these teams, especially given the different opponents, game states, etc. Just provided these rankings as something to think about.
  6. I worked up a ranking system based on teams' statistical performances through the group stage games. Stats that I found to correlate strongly with winning were categorized and weighted, and then compared with the rest of the World Cup field. Here is who I found to be the strongest teams thus far in the World Cup. https://nnelli.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/ranking-the-best-statistical-teams-from-the-group-stage/
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