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  1. No, and to be sure I tried starting a game with only this file loaded - the results were the same. Playing with 19.3 of course.
  2. Thanks for these! The J.League Challenge doesn't appear on the winner's History-Overview-Honours page like the rest of them.
  3. Hey, the Spanish friendly cups file is graying out Spain.
  4. Hey, I added the past winners to your Premier League Asia file, update it if you like: https://www.mediafire.com/file/urfagtac26m4ipn/Premier_League_Asia_Trophy.fmf/file It should take place every 2 years though. Also, I tested the Spanish friendly cups and the Emirates one and they show up on a winning club's trophy case, but this one doesn't.
  5. Hello, it's already addressed, thanks.
  6. Hey there, it's just the injury system that crashes the game (not my fault as I remade it from scratch but a bug), so you can use any of the other data packs until further notice from SI. And this year's extended injuries system is really cool, so I hope it will be fixed. Thanks for your nice comments too.
  7. Nice work, can you also add the player kit in the profile?
  8. Very nice skin, my fav along with vitrex. Is there an easy way to add the player's back kit in his profile without altering it a lot?
  9. Nice skin, waiting for the full colored titlebar file.
  10. @Cawthy, the players you mention are already with Jorge Mendes at v1.1. As for Gomes, I will add him in the next one.
  11. Hey guys, this topic is for any of you that haven't already found the FM16 Data Packs at fmgreece and for anyone that want to post feedback, suggestions etc.
  12. Data Packs / Season 7 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.fmgreece.gr/downloads/fm2016-files/data-packs/ (always the latest version) Contains all the data packs; choose them all for a realistic gameworld. You can use them in any combination. To visit the original fmgreece.gr topic with the latest download link and info CLICK HERE!
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