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  1. You can use everything except the Abilities pack. I'll update most of the packs soon either way.
  2. I don't know how SI uses injuries regarding condition / sharpness for sure every year. Some serious injuries affect the players more though, as they should and as it happens in the original injury db. Every injury added follows the pattern of similar existing ones when it comes to numbers (proportionally) and everything is calculated in a spreadsheet before added so I'm very positive everything is ok on my end. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hello, Every year I test my files and many of them are created from scratch - like this one for example. If you make many holiday saves and count the injuries number per team every month with and without the file you will see that the numbers are ok. You may be unlucky and go through a bad period, but double the amount is too much. What's more, with my files the serious injuries decrease a little as there's more variety and more common injuries added. As for the pneumonia you mention, it's correctly set in the editor, so If that happened, it's a bug.
  4. I'll probably make a base version of them soon Here's a manual update, 01, as steam updating isn't working yet. Copy-paste-overwrite at your editor data folder.
  5. Yeah, choose the packs you want and when starting a new game, you can see the extra files you are going to load by clicking in the right corner of the screen.
  6. Hey all, @majesticeternity created a nice facepack for the Agents pack, that you can find HERE! -First post updated too. @PandoraBox provided me with solid info about many Portuguese agents and the file will be updated eventually (Steam-updating editor bug still here sadly) to reflect them. Credits to him for the research.
  7. Bravo, as always great work, thanks for contributing to my file. I'll also link my file to this.
  8. Thank you all for the appreciative comments, it's important for every free content creator. It depends on the pack, the Agents one for example was updated more than 30 times last year. Still waiting for this year's editor bug regarding Steam updating to be fixed. I'll post some screenshots in some packs' Steam pages soon.
  9. The original Data Packs return for FM2021! 12 seasons now! Download the packs you want from Steam - you can use them in any combination. STEAM COLLECTION link HERE! Contains every released Data Pack. Subscribe to the ones you want and they will be updated automatically each time I update them. Info about each pack can be found in its Steam page. *For now, Steam updating isn't working so I'm doing manual updates. Download link for: UPDATE 01 Agents pack link HERE! More than 1.000 agents and their 13.500+ real life clients. Updated regul
  10. There's no point to do that though as for example I update the Agents pack more than 30 times per year and the subscribers shouldn't be tasked to find the file and subscribe again every time.
  11. I came here to report it too after posting it on the general editor forum. There is no "Update" option, only the "Publish" one.
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