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  1. check your inbox well, I've been doing such packs 10+ years now I am updating them until the next FM comes out and then I'm either creating them from scratch copying only the needed changes (like the relationships pack, as some relations I add end up added officially so I am careful in order to avoid duplicates) or I'm just updating them like the Agents pack, which needs some modifications but it's usually easier to "migrate" it to keep updating it afterwards If you want to find data packs for a previous FM, just tell me it's version so I can give you the correct link
  2. Announcing that my 1.000 agents personal target is actually met after all these years Also added 2 new packs, one for new Player Partnerships (new feature that isn't used much in the default db) and another one for a big Reputations upgrade to Competitions, Clubs, Nations and youth setups.
  3. @Dai35 I'm using most of these youth tournaments, the ones I'm asking aren't available in the way I want as single files but thanks anyway
  4. Hey, can you make some separate real & active pre-season friendlies that I am missing? SPAIN: Joan Gamper Trophy, Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, Antonio Puerta Trophy, Orange Troph, Teresa Herrera Trophy, Iberian Cup PORTUGAL: Eusebio Cup, Algarve Football Cup, Atlantic Cup HOLLAND: Amsterdam Tournament, Future Cup GERMANY: Telekom Cup BELGIUM: Bruges Matins Trophy RUSSIA: Match Premier Cup Just the formats, I can add the histories myself. Thanks
  5. Hey, are the problems Trogu and Bcentralblue mentioned resolved? Also, you could add the famous Amsterdam based youth tournaments: the Future Cup and Copa Amsterdam - though the second is probably already included as the Amsterdam Cup (?) I saw you did include most of these tournaments, well done. You could maybe add the Golden City Cup, the Sirene Cup and some others. Lastly, FYI you can assign IDs to competition via name, without using the ID and that helps users when they load many tournaments from other creators that change the IDs ingame. example: <record from="icc" to="graphics/pictures/comp/international champions cup/logo"/>
  6. It's me again. Upon using the Amsterdam tournament along with some of your other ones, it shows as double or even triple entry in some teams' honours. Maybe merging the dbs would correct that (and the double past winners entries too)? Or maybe you could offer a single editor file with all the real preseason tournaments per continent in order to have max compatibility. Just some ideas.
  7. Yeah, if you open that in the editor and go to Competitions -> "Number of changes at least 1" it will give you 42 results, 41 of those being new tournaments. This happens to most of the files I tried.
  8. Hey, these tournaments are great (and you are adding past winners as well, which is important), but I downloaded some from your site, one by one, and when I opened them in the editor I saw that each file contains many of the other tournaments as well. As a result, I saw some duplicate winners (for example at Marbella Cup) in the same years - also, it imports many unneeded entries twice. Any feedback on that?
  9. I found out that if you have selected Brazil and USA, you can't start in a future date. I don't know why though. @Uncle_Sam, the ICC's 2013 winner is Real Madrid C and not their first team in your file.
  10. Can someone edit the player profile panel to show the short competition names in the Season Stats box? Hate to see the "UEFA European Ch..." and other long name competitions not showing in full.
  11. Not needed specific for 20.4, but will update it soon nonetheless as I've added more agents.
  12. You made the best skin aesthetically-wise and the best profile kit/number/effect by far, so...that's something Looking forward to seeing some advanced panels here too.
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