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  1. I wish they wouldn't be so damn nasty to each other on stage/podium either. State your policies calmly, and then walk off. I don't want to see a couple of kids having a slanging match about who did what and who secretly is like this and who secretly did that. I just want to hear who is going to do what in the various areas of governing. When they show clips on the UK news of the various debates and speeches, all we see is insults and bitter replies. I don't think many people here will even know much about actual policies just from watching the news. You'd have to hunt around online, make
  2. I obviously can't vote on it but I don't much care for either candidate either, tbh. I don't have a problem with Trump's politics necessarily, but he doesn't come across as being that smart a guy (relative to someone in a potentially presidential position). Is he self-made, or was he born into money? I honestly don't know. Clinton just comes across as annoying. Again, how has she truly managed to get into this position, I wonder? If she gets in, I guess she'll be the one who will keep things ticking along largely the same as they were before, whether you liked it that way or not. Is
  3. Very long odds on a Trump win now. I was tempted to put some money on Clinton, but no point now it's only a £11.60 return off a tenner. A few weeks ago you could get 15 back off a tenner. Should have done it then.
  4. I voted leave too. Felt awkward at work the following day, because most of our firm's solicitors voted remain and were really annoyed by the result.
  5. Crazy rule. Never known that on any forum before. Just fine, Ben. Hope alls good with you also.
  6. Ah, I didn't even realise it was fantasy until I read further (I was initially being sarcastic because you were appearing to be battering the Shaymen with a side from Matlock!). To begin with, I got to the Matlock/Cesspool line and just thought it was going be straight non-league but with FMS players. Then I got to the first "FMS Rejects" match report line and the mist cleared in my head. Gotcha.
  7. (from "It's time for the rejects to come forward" - Mark Wilson) FC Halifax (H) Blue Square Bet North (1/42) Our first competitive game and we dominated from the start --------- Best fantasy is all over bar the shouting.
  8. Now then. How are we all doing? Same old names all plastered up the left hand side I see. Just fancied coming on and reading a footy story tonight. (checks list). Eeeny, meany, miney, mo...
  9. Hi all. Hope you're enjoying Wimbledon. I know I am. Really fun tournament this year.
  10. Thanks, Shaggy. I'm already having a lot of fun planning a new third person tale. It's given my enthusiasm for football fiction a new lease of life. Just waiting for FM13 now so I can play some results and see how that works out. Then maybe some time after that I can start. Salky, the game results had been played a long time before I came to that subplot, so when it came down to it I simply pretended Martin had played instead of one of the other players (artistic license etc). I seem to remember Buckley being one of the ones to 'lose an appearance'. Can't remember the others. I found that su
  11. Ok lol, I can't remember exactly what I said there, but any specific questions, by all means shoot.
  12. Number two will be a lot more about James than Brian. Thanks for all the comments.
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