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  1. Exactly. And with VAR it should be possible in a lot of cases. Dives are a lot easier to see in some cases and Maguire should have been carded for his. Why can’t that be done retrospectively? Its the same as the shenanigans at corners. After we get a few more pens/cards for it players will surely realise it’s not worth the hassle and just try and defend. Until it’s clamped down on it won’t change.
  2. If both teams are up to shenanigans with cards then an England player getting deliberately booked will easily be counteracted by a Belgium player immediately having handbags or verbals in response to it thus nullifying the threat of England trying to be sneaky.
  3. But there would presumably still be two pots ie top pot vs second pot? In which case it would still happen. If that wasn’t the case there would be no point in trying to win the group which would probably result in more draws and dull games.
  4. I’ve gone for: Suarez e/w top goal scorer @ 20/1 isco e/w tgs @ 50/1 germany to win @ 9/2 all with the will hill offer. Any under the radar longshots to be aware of?
  5. Pretty sure I donated a week or two ago, should I have received the preview or is it not quite released yet. Saw it got a retweet from matt le Tissier earlier! Good going!
  6. Walker at cb worries me. Against lesser teams it will be fine but when he comes up against decent players they will almost certainly exploit the fact he doesn’t normally/ever play there and drag him out of position.
  7. I'm in please. Will send money in a day or so.
  8. Could be a lot of negative football in the group stages too as there will be some teams that get through in 3rd spots courtesy of not losing (as opposed to winning).
  9. Yeah griezmann seems to be the shortest prices of their players but id always thought he wasn't an out and out striker. Have gone with lewandowski for now.
  10. Do France have an out and out goal scorer in their team who will score all their goals? If so then they should be worth a punt for top goal scorer. Lewandowski will be my choice i think. Probably with the stanjames offer. Have also followed Vegard with turkey as they were 99/1 on betfair pre England match. They looked alright but without a top goal scorer. Plus I have a feeling they may rack up a few cards...
  11. I really don't want stones at this stage in his career. Needs someone more experienced to go alongside smalling. Not sure who that would be mind you!
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