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  1. I'm in April in my 1st season and all my players current ability stars keep getting lower. I'm Man Utd, Maguire was 3½ star and now 3. All the players have gone down over the course of the season, I also bought Chiesa from Fiorentina in January when he was 4½ stars and now he's down to 4 stars. I'm winning games and training reports for all players say they're training well, no downsides. Anyone able to help me understand why this is happening? Thanks
  2. So this is what I've went to so far. My files > Internal Storage > Android > Data > com.sega.soccer.champions > Files > Installed Then I'm here, where do I go now?
  3. HI, I have fm touch for my android tablet but I've never been able to find proper kits and logos for it. Anyone have any installed and could give me some instructions on how to do it? Thanks!
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