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  1. It's already been raised in the past. This thread was the first hit when I googled for this problem. Maybe it was time to bump it a bit.
  2. I agree completely - and I can't believe that this STILL hasn't been fixed! It's very annoying, and very amateurish not to fix some basic technical problem like this. It has existed for years!
  3. Well, my corner taker's creative freedome seems to be Normal.
  4. If this is the case, it's a serious design flaw in my humble opinion... Suppose I want/need my corner taker to have a high-ish creative freedom in general play, but still want him to obey the corner instructions. Not to mention that it's not always the same player taking a corner... Do I really have to always track who from my corner taker list is currently playing and then set his creative freedom to low... just so he does what he's told when taking a corner??
  5. How do you adjust defensive line and width, and in what situations? Also, do you use opposition instructions and/or specific marking on opponent's wide players (like set your fullbacks to mark their wingers)?
  6. I suppose it can't be done. Disappointing.
  7. What kind of formation do you use exactly? Could you post a screenshot please?
  8. Would love to get some clarification for this.
  9. How do I make my team use short corners? Obviously I set my corners to "Short" from right and left in the set pieces instructions, and set one player to "Offer short option". However when I get a corner, and even though the player offering short option is completely free for the pass, the corner taker simply hoofs the ball at the goal, just completely ignoring the "Short" instruction. :| So how do I get them to actually give short corners?
  10. Try this: OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS: --------------------------- - For their fullbacks/wingbacks (DL+DR/WBL+WBR) and wingers (ML+MR/AML+AMR), apply them all: Tight marking, Hard tackling, Show on weaker foot, Closing down often. Remember to apply these on those POSITIONS - not on exact players, incase their player gets subbed or moved to another position. Also remember to check them if they change their formation during the match, you might have to re-apply some of them. PLAYER INSTRUCTIONS: ----------------------- - Tell your fullbacks/wingbacks to man mark their winger (Marking: Specific: <player>). So your DL marks their MR/AMR etc. - Tell your wingers to man mark their fullbacks/wingbacks. Those I feel are a must, but best results at shutting down their wide players are achieved by DOUBLE marking them. However this brings the problem of having 4 of your players man marking someone specific, which draws them out of their position. For example I sometimes tell my center backs to help the fullback at man marking their winger... but there's obviously a risk that their strikers get left alone at the center then. Same problem if I use my central mids to double mark their winger - the opponents will have a lot of space at central midfield then. So with the double marking I'm undecided so far, especially about which position I should use as the second man to mark their winger (and fullbacks) - if someone has suggestions about this I'd appreciate them. TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: --------------------- I'm not sure about these yet, but someone else suggested these in the match engine thread: - Defensive Line: Push Up (all the way to the right) - Width: Narrow (all the way to the left) - Tempo: Slow (all the way to the left) As I said I can't say anything about these for certain, as I haven't tried them much yet, but so far it seems promising. Obviously with that insanely high def line you might want to have fast-ish defenders. I also like to make my GK to act as a Sweeper Keeper in case they throw long balls behind my lines. These have helped me somewhat with this problems (which is a big one, in my opinion the biggest flaw in the current match engine), but they don't neutralize it completely. Only another patch will do that I'm afraid. Until then I'm using these, although it feels awfully lot like "playing vs the match engine" instead of trying to play "realistically".
  11. If this happens within FM13, sure. But if FM13 will end up being just a "public beta" for FM14, I will feel betrayed for paying for it.
  12. Thing is, you definitely don't NEED billions of hours of testing to spot that the defenders are unable to defend crosses from byline, or that the keepers make some ridiculous mistakes quite often, or that there are silly amount of cross bars etc - everyone here spotted them by themselves pretty quickly. Of course one tester can't spot ALL of the bugs/flaws in the game, but for some of the main problems in the ME you don't need 100 beta testers spending hours and hours to spot - you need one person and a few hours.
  13. I agree completely. Honestly atleast 90% of the goals I concede come from crosses that my defenders just can't seem to be bothered to defend.
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