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  1. I second that. Experienced the same thing going from an older Macbook Air to a Retina Macbook. Playing FM in retina mode on the Macbooks is such a resource hog. Probably since the entire interface consists of bitmaps rather than vector graphics, thus increasing the load with bitmaps and the likes with over 4x. Maybe more. Enabling retina mode consume so much processing resources, that either the software or the operating system reduce the power throughput to the GPU (grapichs processor) which in turn gives you a bad experience. What's more - it's not the 3D engine that's the problem, it's actually (to the best of my knowledge) the rest of the interface. The menus and screens. This is a fundamental flaw with how the game is constructed. Probably due to the match engine being written long before retina screens were on the marked. It's really just technical debt, and probably a really resource consuming (=expensive) task. They will be forced to move from bitmaps to vector gfx at some point, it just would be nice to know when SI plans to do something about it. Disabling retina mode also dramatically reduces heating issues and increase battery life - so even people with powerful enough Macbooks to run the game smoothly suffer because of how SI Games has written their match engine. I tried adressing the question here Retina resolution and performance - but they didnt even bother answering my question. Lucas just told me that it's not possible to play FM on my Macbook, and just rather buy a new computer (!). Well I didn't, and it works a charm - except the fact that retina mode is disabled and the text is about as crisp as it was on CM2.
  2. Exact same problem. 17.2. MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. Noticed if you switch to another window (or desktop), ie. a browser window with Safari - and let it go to sleep, it doesnt freeze...
  3. Hey Lucas. I think it's really cool that you guys over at SI Games is having a close relation to your customers (and fans), and that you guys do customer service through these forums and the FM community at large. Taking care of the community is something you've been great at for years, and I was myself a part of it in terms of being a webmaster on a fansite. But Lucas, you're either not reading what am I writing, or you just don't get my question. I have no issues what so ever running Football Manager 2016 on my MacBook 12" when retina mode is disabled - so your "advice" to buy a new computer to run FM is just wrong. FM is fully playable on the MacBook 12", just don't play with a large database and disable retina mode. Nor do I need your patronising lectures on hardware specifications and what I can use my computer for or not. I work with software development, so I'm up to speed on both the hardware and software side of this question, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness though. In terms of my question you aren't close to actually answering it. You really should forward this thread to the developers - if you want to improve the game for all Mac users. I would anyway guess your devs already are onto this. At least I hope so! Facts: Data crunching is the same whether retina mode is enabled or not Opening a menu or switching a screen is not an heavy operation Enabling retina mode vastly increases the power and resource consumption of the entire system even when the game is idle (not processing data) Disabling retina mode vastly decreases the power and resource consumption Other applications (like a website or the Adobe Creative Suite or whatever) renders applications in retina with a breeze Hence: FM is a complex and resource intensive game, but the dramatic changes in performance seen by enabling/disabling retina mode isolates the issue to retina mode itself, and points to performance issues with retina mode An unoptimized retina mode creates poor user experiences, FM16 in retina mode is unplayable for MacBook 12" users use way more power and resources for any other MacBook Pro user (whilst still being playable) increase heating and increase power consumption gives a player on the go less hours to play for whatever computer they're using Question: SI has invented their own way to render the FM interface (which differs to standard applications on Os X). This engine has poor performance when running in retina mode (I'm guessing because FM renders bitmap gfx, not vector gfx), i.e. increased load on the system = heating, power drain Are you working on improving/optimising the retina mode support? Looking forward to getting an answer on my actual question. Thanks. Cheers.
  4. Hi Lucas, thanks for your reply! I'm not entirely convinced though :-) Most standard applications on even the 12" Mac handles retina well. Crisp and sweet. What sets FM apart from standard applications is not the interface but the amount of processing in the background. If you look away from the match engine, in terms of retina performance there are no fundamental differences between FM and e.g. Adobe Creative suite; FM is displaying text and numbers. FM could've been a website. There are loads of websites that are much more graphics intensive than FM, that has no performance issues. So "it's just the way it works", well - that's wrong. But it being difficult (and thus expensive) to optimize FM for retina, that is another question. Since you're using the analogy about an image at a defined pixel size - if FM is using loads and loads of bitmaps, it has to have one set of bitmaps for standard displays and one higher resolution bitmaps for FM, of course performance will suffer. Badly. To follow up with the website analogy - if you'd built a webpage with lots of heavy high resolution graphics, the website would not only be slow to load it would put heavy load on both the cpu and gpu. Hence my initial point. There has to be something with how you render FM on desktop that makes performance suffer badly. It could be using loads of high resolution bitmaps. Or it could be something else. I would guess you have no problems with retina iPads and FM Touch? That's maybe because you've built FM Touch with retina in mind from the start, whilst the engine for FM - even though probably most parts of the game has been rewritten and refactored over the years - is over 10 years old. So it's understandable that performance suffers, but it's not just "because it is retina". The resolution on the MacBook 12" is 2304x1440 whilst it's 2048x1536 on the iPad Mini and 2732x2048 on the iPad Pro. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, Why is FM so resource intensive when you are playing with retina mode on? FM is not particuarly graphics intensive, so the difference in performance between retina mode on and off is baffling. And I'm not talking about when playing matches, but just displaying menus, the calendar animations while loading menus, going through different screens, etc. One should think processing the game would be the most CPU intensive task, but just displaying screens makes my computer go crazy when the retina mode option is on. Playing matches is actually not that big of a problem. Turning off the retina option makes the game run perfect - albeit far from as crisp as in retina mode! My conclusion is thus that it has something to do with how FM renders its interface, not the actual game processing. Being so incredible resource intensive is a huge drawback in terms of heat and battery usage - and even though FM requires a lot of battery, it's even more power hungry when retina mode is activated. Is this a known issue and are you guys working to solve it? Thanks for a fantastic game, by the way! Best regards, haaX
  6. Removing the top as through steps 1-3 gives you 30 px extra or something, which makes for less scrolling. Do you know if it´s possible to remove the title bar as well?
  7. Just wanted to add my experiences as I´ve used a couple of hours to solve my challenge; playing FM 2013 on a Macbook Air 11" in windowed mode so I can cycle through desktops with my windows open. The results are based upon findings in this thread, albeit from many different posters. It would´ve saved me some work if all was collected in a single post. I´m currently on OS X Mountain Lion with Football Manager 2013 through Steam. And it works :-) 1. Show hidden files on the Mac How to: http://www.mikesel.info/show-hidden-files-mac-os-x-10-7-lion/ 2. Go to your Steam directory and find the fm.app The fm.app file is located here: Harddrive/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/football manager 2013/fm.app 3. Do as the opening post states. Right click fm.app, show page contents, edit info.plist by finding <dict> and then adding the following straight after that: <key>LSUIPresentationMode</key> <integer>4</integer> Save the file (cmd+s) and close it. 4. Enable small screen mode on FM Launch Steam, go to the Games Library, right click "Football Manager 2013", chose properties. Then click "Set launch options", type in: --small_screen --windowed Press OK, then close. 5. Launch FM through Steam by clicking Play. 6. Press the green maximise button, and the bottom corner narrows down. You´ll notice that the bottom is out of the desktop, thus you won´t be able to resize the window. Press the maximize button on the FM window, and the window will scale to fit the screen. 7. Resize window so it fits your screen nicely. The window probably won´t maximize your screen real estate, so move the window to the top left of the screen and resize by dragging the bottom right corner so the window fills the screen nicely. OS X remembers how you placed your window, so when you´ve done it one time it´ll remember it next time. 8. Game on. The final piece before getting the window maximised is removing the title bar, albeit I haven´t figured a way to remove this one. Following these steps will make FM very well playable on a 11" screen. If you really want a better overview and less scrolling you could use Michael Murrays Netbook 2013 Skin for FM. It removes padding and margins, even though I felt the screen became very cramped, it certainly gives a much better use of the space available on the screen http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.no/2013/02/netbook-2013-skin.html As for the gaming experience on a Macbook Air 11" (mid 2013) - it´s great! Hope this is useful for someone. Cheers, haaX
  8. Even on a 13"? Must be the game, not the screen size... 13" is almost huge.
  9. How are you guys doing on this one? I.e. native full screen. As I haven't played on the Mac how does it work today? Isn't it possible to cmd+tab to the desktop?
  10. Hi guys, I'm about to buy a new laptop and I'm looking to go for the new Macbook Air 11". 9 hrs battery capacity (albeit I reckon it'll be lower playing FM) and the form factor makes it almost look like it's designed to play FM with. The only think keeping me between the 11" and the 13" is the resolution - and the playability of FM on it. Does anyone here have any experiences with playing FM on a Macbook Air 11"? How suited is it to play FM at? I like to do multiple things whilst playing FM, and I know the resolution is too small to play in windowed mode. Since I've never owned a Mac before - how does the full screen mode work? Is it possible to cmd+tab to a new window or use gestures to bring up the spaces? And how does the gameplay feel - does the small display make the game feel cramped? Any experiences will be much appreciated. Cheers, haaX
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