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  1. I was running graphics, logo and skin in my game. I did take them off and clear the cache and verify the game in steam and I still get the running out of memory pop-up.
  2. Is there a way to only show your league and cups match only instead of other leagues in the the world in the week progression? I do not care what is going on in the other nations just the one I am playing in.
  3. I am thinking of getting FM17 however I do not know if it is going to solve my memory crash. Since it is 64bit now and it will use my computers full memory (32gb) will it stop with the running out of memory crash? Is the game more stable than FM16 or is some people still getting the error 41 and other crash dump?
  4. After a couple of hours playing I still get the running out of memory crash. How can I be running out of memory when I have 32 gb of ram and it is only utilizing only 2gb of ram? My database is only consist of England as playable and the rest as viewable with around 45k players.
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