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  1. Hi, I was thinking to go back to running Linux and was wondering if there'd be any problems just reinstalling the game from Steam. I mean will I need to buy a 'Linux edition' or does my single purchase cover me for installation on either platform? If so i'm assuming I just fire up Steam and it'll download and install for me, right? Cheers.
  2. Yes, you're right. Just looked it up and apparently Jakobstad is 55.8% Swedish speakers. FM2016 Geography and Culture edition They seem to pick up Finnish aswell anyway, just a bit slower.
  3. Managing in Finland and I have the option to send my players on an intensive language course but i've just noticed it's a course for Swedish. I know Sweden is one of the official languages of Finland (the other being Finnish) but from what I can gather only a small proportion of the population speak it (6% according to the BBC). Shouldn't they go and learn Finnish instead?
  4. I always start unemployed, Sunday League rep and holiday until I get offered a job. Brings a nice sense of randomness to the game and you have to work your way up from the bottom. Also gives you a bit of a challenge as whatever job you get will almost certainly be with a team who are in a mess. Having a few different leagues loaded makes it more fun as you'll usually get a job in some small foreign league and you can make it your goal to make it to the PL or something (I'm managing in Finland atm).
  5. As hluraven said the players won't remember being warned though, you might as well just fine them and save the wages. Would be nice if they could make it so that the players recognise cumulative and escalting scales of punishment for the next edition. I think that would really help the immersion and roleplay.
  6. Well, the weight and height gain along with the crazy stats rises make this an easy case to solve. Your tutor is giving him steroids.
  7. For situations like this I think the promise should be considered fulfilled upon the acceptance of a bid rather than on the completion of the transfer.
  8. Notice they actually had more possession than you. Kind of seems like your team might have just been shooting from anywhere.
  9. Just to play devils advocate, Debuchy joined Newcastle because his best mate, Yohan Cabaye, played for us. After Cabaye left so did Debuchy although there was no hissy fit and he didn't so much leave as get flung out of the door by a deliriously happy fat man with a big cheque from Arsenal in his hand.
  10. Newcastle don't have six regular starters out. The only first team regular is Tim Krul. De Jong, maybe but he's played about 2 games for us and Dummett should be back for Everton. Ameobi isn't injured, he got dropped for speaking out of turn about the tactics we employ.
  11. As if Oscar would ask to leave Chelsea because some youth player was sold Give your head a shake man.
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