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  1. I have some hearing problems and it wasn't until everyone started masking up that I realised how much I rely on reading lips.
  2. Doritos are a tough pick because it can change depending on what you're having them with. On their own - Tangy Cheese, Salsa - Chilli Wave, with chilli - Cool Original.
  3. Skips are alright but they're not a top tier crisp. I'd make them a Norwich or a Notts Forest. Maybe a Middlesbrough even.
  4. Impossible to make any sense of this without a breakdown of the disabilities.
  5. Your country seems to have some issues with learning lessons from elsewhere and adopting strategies without a 'Made in Britain' stamp attached.
  6. Are minimum wage workers in the US likely to get healthcare through their employer?
  7. They're stunning (the 2nd one especially). Thanks for sharing.
  8. Just like the re-allocation of resources when the North-East was on it's arse?
  9. *sigh* If you bring facts into it how are we supposed to work ourselves up into a rage?
  10. Would be a real shame if a mod deleted a few random posts from the early pages.....
  11. Their vaccination programme is well underway too by all accounts. Any resident can go to a centre and get vaccinated and that's been ongoing for a few weeks afaik. With a population of only about 10 million they should be looking at herd immunity levels in pretty short order.
  12. Even though the deaths figure for young, healthy people is lower we're still seeing long term effects in some who have had the virus (long covid) along with permanent organ damage in others. I think looking only at deaths is understating the problem somewhat as we still don't really know the potential longer term effects the virus may be having on some of those who contract it.
  13. Getting my first vaccination shot on wednesday.
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