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  1. The sound keep cutting off after a substitution from me or the AI , the sound of the ball looping after a while and the crowd is too loud.
  2. So the BIG announcement has been done the release date but still no idea what changes are made no video to watch the "new" features or the lack of it , but you people still asking to pre-order ?? Time I guess are changing developers ask for your money first then deliver ( if they do).
  3. The players fitness side of this game is absurd , I got always 2 or 3 player that I need to rest after a game even tho they played like a week before and the training is on light or medium, my grandma got more energy then this kids playing, anyoine got the same issue ?? P.S, Too many injury too I got at least one player after a game injured sometimes more then one, I tell you they got down like a sack of potato !
  4. Can you do something about players always tired I have to send 2 of them on bloody holiday for a week because don't matter what kind of training I do low /med/ high they cant reach the next game fit , this are 20 years old people that do this as job they should be fit all the time , look like a squad of old ladies needed a rest after every game. And another things that as been there since the dawn of time players complain that don't play enough after no long they either been out for injury or few week after starting playing, let tune the moaning down please.
  5. I have had something odd happen I believe you want to look at it, the opposition kicked a long ball my keeper was at the edge of the area and instead of either take it or kick it the ball bounce off him he didn't move at all and the opposition player run towards him and score was no one else there just the keeper. Also the amount of injury again is really high losing 4 players in one match is a bit too much, I love the tactical system more easy to understand don't need a degree in astrophysics to play the game anymore, keep it up !
  6. Some are moaning if people ask for an option to disable VAR, well they want to play the GAME as they wish since they fork out 40 quid for an UI update so chill and if you really think that you are Mourinho then you are ready for the Psychiatric hospital !
  7. Very nice tattics I play with Napoli and I wanted to create the 4-3-3 like this but never got to work right you mate nail it is spot on how Napoli is playing atm. Well done.
  8. same here is very annoying should be turn down a lot IMHO 2 month in the championship and they moan like hell and even if I play them for few game after I sub them ( because they are tired ) they moan the day after.
  9. I get a lots of long term injuries and also players start to moan about not playing too much after 1 or 2 months in the club ?
  10. I am sure you put a lots of time in this DB so a thank you is on order, I will try I play mostly Italian Serie A and let you know. But thank you anyway. PS link dead ?
  11. Did they fix AI ? Did they fix tattics creation ? Did they fix scouts ? Did they fix buying selling loan players more realistic? I don't think I saw this anywhere so basically they start to run out of ideas and add stuff that most dont care or can be done by editor. Naa wont rush to buy it get a database update and stick with 15.
  12. Napoli Serie A De Guzman transfer fail stay in Napoli Soriano Transfer fail as well stay in Sampdoria Andujar transfer complete to Estudiantes on loan for a year with the right to buy end season Chalobha on loan for a year So the players that Napoli brought are : Reina GK Chiriches D Hysaj D (R/L) Allan M Valdifiori M Chalobha M D
  13. No ! I feel instead of focusing on the fun part ( that's how use to be) is getting more complex and frustrating, I am all for try to simulate the game but for people like me that haven't got lots of time to spend to make half baked decent tattics only to see the AI no matter what you do overcome it, is not fun anymore is like a job with no pay get all upset and in rage to see your players that cost a lot of money doing stupid things while the AI with 3K player better then you. Bring back the FUN.
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