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  1. oh common you are calling yourself, millie and the "think tank at fm britain" professional researchers and ex professional sportsmen. you guys are deluded, you probably think you can coach real teams because you play fm. and here is the umpteenth fanboy sticking his nose in the conversation belittling people with a different opinion. goodbye sir, enjoy your ****** video game
  2. you read what i said but you did not understand it, wwfan said the rest of the people make decisions based on logic, the context of logic in this case being football. this is very common of fanboys, if there is a conversation going on they butt in and start picking at what people say. as for the uefa license it is very much indicative of how knowledgeable you are, do not compare it to your run of the mill car license but compare it to the fia superlicense (formula 1). it shows that you have put in the time to learn how real football works.
  3. I would like Si games to take the game in the direction of asking qualified people on how football is played, how tactics are build and how a club is run. As it is they are asking a couple of video gamers like you, Cleon or Sfraser. Every other simulation game goes to the source, not its fans. Whenever a flying sim is being developed, the makers of the game go and research the plane and ask the pilots and technicians involved with creating the plane to help them develop an accurate simulation of the plane and flying it. It would be absurd for them to ask some flying sim fans to help them develop the game as they wouldn't be qualified to do so. This is what SI games is doing with football manager. A fan of football has no idea how the mechanics of real football work. They have not taken part in a training session they don't understand what goes into building a football team, or what goes into training a player, they cant analyze a match because they don't know what it means to play professional football. SI games then should ask qualified people in helping them develop this game, there are many people qualified coaches and managers willing to help. If i was in charge of developing this game i would seek help from a few different coaches from England Europe and South America to understand the ideology of each way of playing. So the logical decisions you are talking about earlier are video gaming decisions, not footballing ones. The most absurd part of this game is the training, that is where teams are build where tactics are created, where players learn how to play in the way you want them to play and how to play with each other, it is by far the most important tool a manager has, and it doesn't even exist in the FM. This is the direction i want FM to go because after all I love this game, and all the people here criticizing it also do, if we didn't we wouldn't take the time to make our opinions known, we would just stop playing it altogether.
  4. please don;t post quotes out of context like a bad newspaper, if you want to bring up previous arguments post the thread in its entirety. dont say that you theorems are based on real football, are you a real manager, which club do you manage, do you posses a uefa license? if not you are not qualified to make theorems about real football. just because si games and the community agree with your theorems doesn't mean they are based on real football. in fact i am very disappointed at the direction si games is taking this game. they should hire one or two real managers or instructors who test for the uefa licenses to help with this game. even si games are not qualified to make a football sim, after all they are only fans. however with the budget they have now they can afford to bring in some real experts, not rely on random people on their forums to come up with the tactical expertise. you have just studied this video game and are very good at it, but don't say that your decisions are based on real football, because the engine as it is cannot replicate real football. also this is only a video game because a user can win without having to watch a single minute of the game, why don't managers do this in real life? that shows that this is a video game not a simulation.
  5. who said random decisions? i said decisions based on video game tactics not real life tactical decisions. these are the people who are generally good at video games know the rules of fm2011 and decide on what to do based on that. also maybe 1 person out of 100000 probably plays a full season in full match mode. if this was indeed a simulation everyone here would finish relegated because they don't watch the full game, imagine ferguson only watching bits and pieces and making decisions based on that lol. as it is the me is a very poor representation of real football, especially player skill. that's why you see so many people complain when a player with long shots 3 scores a scorcher.
  6. wwwfan you are absolutely wrong. the second category of players are making completely video game based decisions not footballing ones. for anyone here to make logical footballing decisions they have to watch every single minute of every single game. imagine a manger who watches only the highlights of a game, can he make sound decisions, absolutely not. just accept the fact that users have to abandon all footballing logic and admit this is a video game and users must play by its rules, not footballing ones. btw the me is a really poor simulation of football. especially when it comes to individual skills. not that tactics are any better.
  7. i saw the game, he was allowed once due to defensive error and e took a quick shot, to playmake though you need more than 3 seconds in a whole game.
  8. he is playing against Juventus, Rooney has played up front irl but like every one else was forced to play with back to goal, no good defender would let you turn, they certainly wouldn't give such space. i'm reading people using Ozil too in that position, at least Rooney is strong, Ozil would be useless as he is much weaker. this only happens because of weaknesses in the me.
  9. i gave a reason why i thought this tactical idea is ridiculous, you on the other hand haven't.
  10. yea cause in real life the defenders would let Rooney turn and face the goal like that, and give him the space and time to play though balls, what a ridiculous thread, and a silly tactical idea, Roma tried it with Totti and it really took Totti out of the game as he never had the options he would have playing behind the strikers. if you put a "play-maker" up front he will spend 89 minutes with his back to the goal.
  11. its really bad because tactically speaking positioning is the most important instruction a manager can give his players. this game desperately needs free positioning and wib/wob instead of the fixed system it has now. it will never be a football sim unless it starts doing so.
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