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  1. Signs Domestic Based Players - 3 Spends A Lot On Youth Signings - 16 Signs A Lot Of Youth Players - 20 Signs Young Players For The First Team - 14 Uses Budget On One Player - 2 Has A Large Senior Squad - 5 Will Use Young Players In Low Priority Cup Matches - 20 Will Not Have A Substitute Goalkeeper - 1 Will Make Early Tactical Changes - 1 Will Use Zonal Marking For Set Pieces - 4 Will Fit Players Into Preferred Tactic - 11 Will Use Target Man - 6 Will Use Counter Attacking - 14 Signs Lower League Players - 10
  2. having arsenal at 2,36 billion euros for some seasons now.
  3. march 2047 Damien Sturdy, DRL, 31 - AC Milan Alex Reynolds, GK, 35 - Monaco Martyn Maylett, DLC, 32 - Atletico Toby Coxall, DRC, 30 - Dunfermline Richard Stanhope, DMC, 30 - Dunfermline Ashley Rice, MR, 25 - Dunfermline Mark Donoghue, MR, 27 - Juventus Mike Branch, AML, 31 - Maritimo Stewart McCann, MC/ST, 30 - Real Madrid Austin Danvers, DC, 26 - Real Madrid Grant Burke, GK, 33 - Celtic
  4. Haha, I checked on him again and in 2043 he is still studying 25 years...
  5. i think it was on sale on pancake day for only 12 hours or something like that.
  6. Spanish guy, bought him for 69 million euros from Atletico Madrid. Great stats, great form for Madrid. Great start, first game and red-card. Got back from suspension, scored a couple of goals and after that it went all downhill. Injuries, red cards, you name it. Retired at 33 after 8 seasons at my club. He managed one full good season and that was it. He wasnt the worst player I had, but considering the money i invested in him, definitively the worst signing I had. And at 33 he wanted like 200k pay a week. Didn't play him for last half a season so he decided to retire. Finaly.
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