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  1. it would certainly make it more interesting. I'd posted here before that it's too easy to upgrade, but I hadn't considered that it is quite boring in that it's always rigidly incremental. perhaps it could be a risk reward type of deal. the board could say to you, this is what it'll cost for these 3 levels of improvement right now, but these are the levels of expectation we have on the pitch / how hard it will hit your budget. or alternatively, we could invest to the level of facility you want, but it'll take us until the end of next season to do it. it'll be cheaper to wait and upgrade to
  2. Generally speaking players are trained to cross to areas and those attacking the crosses to time their runs to the cross. So really the technique of being able to cross on the run or otherwise can be practiced without other players as much as passes can be trained to mini goals/cones/targets. And yes their are mid-air targets you can get for crosses.
  3. Please consider removing the need to confirm trialists in favour of having a news item notifying you that they've accepted and their arrival is imminent. Perhaps just have a cancel button in that item for the rare occasion you change your mind.
  4. Please consider: 1. Removing all sounds for players making contact with the ball with the exception of, 2. Long kicks and hard strikes of the ball only, and 3. Make it a very deep hollow thud rather than a slapping noise, and 4. Delay the sound to replicate noise travel to the touchline/stand.
  5. So it's literally not an attribute that can be influenced by any additional training?
  6. Yeah i see there are schedules, but i can't see there being one that influences crossing. I saw passing etc in one of them but nothing that works the crossing attribute. which one is it?
  7. something akin to this has been suggested and reviewed recently. I agree.
  8. I can't seem to see an individual player training option that includes crossing, is it possible?
  9. Do you feel this latest chat has gone pretty well?
  10. Mine was weird. I've still been able to sign foreigners of all kinds (EU and Non-EU) and despite failing WP applications, they're still allowed to play for me without any restriction. I think it's a little broken. Before the brexit any foreign player that failed WP app was ineligible to play, now they can all play. I just can't renew their contract unless their WPs are granted. Easy way around that though...sign them on an 5 year deal with a optional contract extension and boom, got them for years until they're likely to have played enough International games or earned a passport.
  11. As far as the mental attributes go it's hard to say, it becomes convoluted as some of them are directly linked to coaching ability which is completely abstract as there's no actual coaching that happens in the game, just passive development of numbers through a series of options. The other problem is as a player of the game I have no idea how many, probably countless instances, where those attributes are generating results for various interactions. But if I were to take them at face value: (please keep in mind that it's 0530 in the morning here and I'm trying to keep myself awake for t
  12. It's a matter of identifying whether the poor performance is due to their motivation or your tactical instructions really. I've turned around as many games by firing my players up with an "I'm disappointed" talk as I have from making tactical changes. If it's a tactical problem then it simply a case of making the change that's causing the problem, it might be that they're caught out of position defensively that could be rectified with a role change or mentality change. If it's not and they simply should be performing a certain way already then it could be that they don't have the curren
  13. Also with so many players playing the game it proved that the ME works. If it were to never happen then it would be broken. If the forum were flooded with people complaining then clearly it would be broken. But with thousands playing entire seasons in the space of a week and one person posts, it kind of proves it's a freak occurrence, as it is in real life. I sympathise, it's really bad that it happened to you, but it has to happen to someone eventually. Try to feel lucky you witnessed something few players ever will
  14. I was reading each reply to see if someone else had mentioned this already
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