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  1. So only the fixture problem for the Romanian league has been fixed and not the league format as well?
  2. Holding a Russian team to a 2-2 draw in the Europa League First Round with a team from San Marino. We went out 7-4 on agg. but I didn't care
  3. Still can't get it to work. I managed to edit it so the league splits instead of going into promotion/relegation playoffs. However, once the first matchday is played in the second stage, teams are already given their fates (promoted, relegated, staying in division). I tried putting a stage flag so that teams are given their fates when the second stage ends, but when I tested it the first season wouldn't end and I'd be stuck. Is there any way I can this to work?
  4. How do I find the "league with split" option?
  5. http://www.speedyshare.com/Y8kCj/romania3.zip I did it in the advanced editor. Basically the league structure I created goes from "Liga I Bergenbier" to the "Multiple Comps (with 11 teams)" Anything below the "Supercupa" are the default rules that were there when I started up the editor. I've tried deleting them but then the nations rules don't get verified when I test them (probably due to a mistake I made), so I've just made those divisions inactive. Thanks again
  6. Sorry for the really late reply. I thought I had found a fix, but it didn't work. If you'd still be willing to look at my file, could you please tell me how to upload it?
  7. thanks for the reply. I tried that but I got the same result after I tested it again. Any other suggestions?
  8. I have edited the Romanian League Structure to add the 3rd division, however now I can't get the Promotion and Relegation Playoffs to work in the 2nd and 3rd divisions. The way those levels work is that after teams play each other twice in the league, the league splits in half and top 6 teams play each other twice while the bottom 6 do the same. The only problem I have is that after the first stage of the season ends, the team in first is said to be promoted while the bottom three are said to be relegated. This means that the teams take part in the second stage for nothing because they can't change their fate at the end of the season. Is their anyway to prevent this, so I can make the second stage determine who gets promoted/relegated?
  9. A trophy celebration would be nice. Something presentation wise during a match. It makes winning a title feel a little more special.
  10. Tried removing all editor data. This glitch is still there, even when I start new saves. Anyone know why?
  11. I think so too. I was really looking forward to the challenge since I believe that with the update, Deportivo are in debt and with no transfer budget money, just like IRL
  12. I started a new career mode with Deportivo, and then I downloaded a summer update to play with them in Liga Adelante with the realistic 2013/14 squads. However now, there are no restrictions on U19 squads. Anyone of any age can be sent there. Is there any fix for this, or should I just delete the patch?
  13. Well, you can't be too sure. If you were to go to the EA forums and ask whether buying FIFA 13 would be worth buying, you'd get many resounding "no's." Anyway, thank you all for your inputs. I've decided to go ahead and buy the game, and I've got to say I'm having fun while learning.
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