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  1. *shrug* more features and revamps to secondary areas, all the while the braindead transfer AI turns every long game into Long Live The Player - meh.
  2. This is known to not 'stick' properly in Steam for some users. I've lost count of the times I set that to No, only for it to update all on its own while I'm not looking.
  3. You mean crap download speeds (especially if you are not in NA/Europe), bloatware you need to install even if you don't want it, forced updates that you can't even turn off if you don't want it, and achievements that exist in non-Steam games anyway. Time to reconsider my purchase. I like paying money to support developers, I don't like paying money to support Steam. Hell, whether sales go up or down, suits will just blame piracy (even though Steam doesn't stop piracy).
  4. From direct2drive: SI - wouldn't it be nice to have a normal download retailer somewhere (i.e. not Steam) let you preload? Pretty please, if possible?