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  1. nothing? update?? :/ is simply the best skin for fm15, pls, update!!
  2. up. Reupload, please 58 people are made download, anybody can upload???
  3. up, anybody can fix the errors in this sin?
  4. How so? I remember they were new faces to newgens. You have? I mean, that are generated by the game.
  5. I remember having downloaded here a number of new faces to newgens FM earlier, does anyone know if this is possible in 2014 and if so, have the download link?
  6. Thanks, but still can not create. :-( How do I disable the current world cup? And how do I define which classified? I could not find. My intention was to create a system similar or equal to the world cup of clubs 2000
  7. First of all, sorry for bad english. Well, I wonder if it is possible to modify the current world club this new editor. I would like to increase the number of teams, format, and modes of classification. anyone know
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