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  1. Hi Fuss, I've been working on a 4-1-2-3 Asymetrical left and right tactic, based on your tactics attached.. Feel free to try and comment on your thoughts.. I've been running 2 saves, 1 with Milan and 1 with Chelsea.. Both working really well.. With Milan I managed to win the league but lost Europa League to Bayern. Chelsea i'm in 2nd season just started using this tactic.. defensively its ok but I've gotta be aggressive in team talks. Attacking wise I've only not scored once in a 1-0 loss to brighton but i rested alot of my key players. Key results beating Barcelona with Chelsea 3-2 Away. I'm probably 1 key Central defender short at the moment and will look to bring that in once funds are available. 1 thing that bugs me about this tactics is that i can have 30-40 shots on goal and half of those on target but only score 1 goal. I'm trying to work on this to perfect the tactic but this by far has been a very enjoyable tactic to try and tweak for the better of my set ups. Attacking 4-1-2-3 Asym AM (L) Michael.fmf Attacking 4-1-2-3 Asym AM (R) Michael.fmf
  2. I don't think the option is available to sign guest players, to sign marquee players when your negoiating the contract in the drop down menu it allows you to choose marquee or fulltime player contracts.
  3. So glad someone has revived this thread, was almost about do to so myself. I've started a Milan save.. will go in depth later on, I actually sold De Sciglio for 40m to PSG which was used to strengthen all my weaknesses. I know his potential is great but who knocks that sort of cash when you have a board that wont give a decent transfer budget !!
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