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  1. @claassenThank you for your continuing hard work to update the leagues. You made FM18 so much more enjoyable.
  2. I'm using FM 2018 FLUT skin dark. https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm-2018-flut-skin-dark.html
  3. I opened the Claassen's original Peru file with the editor and re-saved it without editing anything. It seems to work now. Thanks for doing all the files though.
  4. I removed all the editor files and only use your editor files. For Peru, it says "Require minimum of 15 teams for Segunda, found only 14"
  5. Thanks for the effort igorferreira. I tried your latest link, Peru in the South America part is not working...
  6. I noticed there were some changes to the tactics familiarity bar. Formation is no longer part of it. Does that mean changing formations will not have any impact on tactics familiarity unlike the previous versions?
  7. claassen, you're always the first person I look out for each time after a new version of FM is released. Keep up the excellent work!
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