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  1. check your player motivation during game, if your players get nervous or complacent or no one motivated then the problem is your team talk always change your tactic to v1.1 after 20 minutes if you cant score replace striker and MC with bad rating (6.4-) or nervous if you cant score after half time team talk use defensive fullbacks or train any DC to DL/DR if you cant find decent defensive FB hope it helps......
  2. i didnt test this exploit much but maybe good first touch, shoots from distance and shoots with power ppm are needed
  3. MC : - i prefer natural MC rather than any AMC players - on v1.0 MC player go forward and sometime got 1 on 1 chance this will need good finishing - good acceleration and pace is plus central FC : - creative player will suit on that position, but dont use any player with no natural FC and about the corner.... yes it sucks, but i scored 5-10 goals from corner per season;)
  4. won serie a in 1st season with parma? never thought it can happend
  5. @kaitech great to see it works for you man for corner i let it terrible, it makes sure my wins are not from corner
  6. Thanks for your feedback man, much appreciated. Waiting your final league table.......
  7. Thanks bro. glad to see it works for middle class team......
  8. i can see it worked well although thats not my newest tactic ive updated my tactics on April 24 and i think its better
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